Cuchi Cuchi: Decor

We’ve seen the fabulous people, we’ve seen the fabulous food, now for the fabulous decor! Cuchi Cuchi is the best restaurant around because of all three of these factors. This place is perfectly styled in an amazing blend of vintage and modern; every detail has been carefully considered and curated, starting from the exterior:

Another excellently-dressed lady stands in a corner on the inside, too!

Paintings and posters and other beautiful wall art adorn the space:

I especially love the plethora of vintage lamps (and lampshades!). They’re all so luxuriant and provide such a soft glow – the perfect dinner ambiance!

Even the menu is perfectly designed! I just love it all.

Can you handle the fabulousness?

Stay tuned for the final Cuchi Cuchi installment: the video that mixes my photos with audio interview from Cuchi’s co-owner and a veteran waitress.


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