Hello, friends. I am Julie Sterling Williams. Here is a picture of me looking very dramatic:

Here is my husband, Tyler, posing for me in a portrait lighting class:

My interests include: photography, reading books, dressing up, travel. I aspire to combine all of these things, if I can, whenever possible. It can be difficult. But if you find me on a plane in a vintage dress reading with a camera slung around my neck, do not be surprised.

Tyler and I currently live in Somerville, MA (right outside of Boston) with our two cats. Well, they’re really my cats, and Tyler pretends to just put up with them, but he secretly loves them.

Here is Milton Friedman Sterling Williams:

Tyler wanted to name him after an economist, but I picked which one. Ty doesn’t actually like Milton Friedman’s theories. Regardless, Milton Cat it is! He weighs 18 pounds, but is not overweight, just enormous.

Here is Agnes Sterling Williams:

Agnes stands for Ain’t Got No Stripes. Shocker: he was the only one of the litter without stripes. He weighs 14 pounds, which is still a giant cat, but manages to look small next to his brother. And yes, Agnes is a boy. When I got them as kittens, I looked at Milton’s business and obviously, he was a boy. Then I check on Agnes, and he looked a little different. Must be a girl, I surmised. Whoops! However, when they got neutered, the veterinarian found that Agnes had one undescended testicle, so score for me  and my visual prowess, after all.

I grew up in California and dream of the Pacific Ocean quite often. Maybe we’ll get back to the west coast when Tyler finishes grad school in 2013 …

Speaking of school, I went to photography school at Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts and have been living my dream of being a professional photographer ever since. If that interests you, along with the mishmash of information about me you’ve read on this page, then I invite you to read this blog!