Cuchi Cuchi: Portraits

Ever since I moved to Boston, my favorite restaurant has been Cuchi Cuchi. It’s tucked away between Central Square and Kendall Square on Main Street in Cambridge, and it’s pretty much everything I want out of life: glamor, fantasy, good food, great cocktails, and vintage outfits.

The Cuchi concept is ’20s and ’30s Hollywood glamor, with waitresses and decor dressed up to match. The menu is international small plates, the drinks, delicious. It truly is like walking into a different world once you enter Cuchi Cuchi’s doors.

I’ve always harbored this dream of being a Cuchi Cuchi waitress, and if this photo thing takes off too slowly, I will definitely apply to be one, and you’ll see why in this post!

When I was given the assignment to do a storytelling documentary project, I chose Cuchi Cuchi as my subject. I got super brave and wrote them, asking if I might come to the restaurant and document all their amazing wonderfulness in my camera, and through audio interviews.

Lucky me, my wish was granted! I spent several fabulous evenings with my Cuchi Cuchi girls, loving every single minute of it. I cannot wait to share my final documentary with you, but first, the portraits.

These are the amazing people you can expect to meet when dining at Cuchi Cuchi:

Now can you see why it would be my dream to work here? To live here? To be here all the time? The dresses! The hats! The makeup! The jewelry! If I could get dressed up like this to go to work everyday (and I just might – look for me next time I’m on a shoot … we’ll see what I can come up with), I’d be the happiest girl alive. There’s just something about dressing up that makes everything better …

And it’s not just Cuchi Cuchi girls, either. There are some very swanky gentlemen in the establishment as well:

Who wouldn’t want to eat here, with all this loveliness around you?

And I have so much more to show you, from the food and cocktails to the decor, get ready for more Cuchi Cuchi to come!



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6 responses to “Cuchi Cuchi: Portraits

  1. Carla

    I’ve been dying to see these!! They are amazing!– Just like I’d assume they would be hehe šŸ™‚ Such a cool idea for photos- you are good!

  2. Annie

    Oh my god! I know I have heard you talk about this place, but how did we never go there?! Think that want to start a Cuchi Cuchi LA?

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  4. These are stunning, Julie. I especially love the one where she is applying her lipstick and the portrait of the guy the swank hat. Excellent work.

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