Cuchi Cuchi: Food & Drink

Now that you’ve met the wonderful people at Cuchi Cuchi, I have to introduce you to the equally as wonderful food! Oh my, it is delicious.

As part of my documentary project (I promise I’ll share the final five-minute movie with you soon!), I wanted to include every aspect of Cuchi Cuchi, from the people to the beautiful decor to the food and drink.

I had the privilege of having some glorious cocktails concocted just for me to photograph. And then I was encouraged to drink them, but whoa! I managed 1.5 and then I was beyond done … not because I didn’t want to imbibe their deliciousness, but you know, because I’m a wimp.

Simply delectable. Fresh fruit cocktails = YUMMERS.

These are the Black Dahlia and the Moulin Rouge, Cuchi Cuchi’s two signature cocktails, one might argue. Aren’t they gorgeous?

So, one night while I was shooting, we arranged for me to sit at a table right next to the kitchen, and every waitress brought me the food she was serving before delivering it to her patrons. I took a quick snap snap of each, and then on they went!

And that is how I got all these shots of the amazing food:

And, we must not forget about dessert! It’s often the very best part …

Now that you’ve joined me for the culinary tour of Cuchi Cuchi, what are you waiting for? Go on over there and eat! Drink! Be merry! (And take me with you, please – I can’t wait to go back and have more fun!)



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5 responses to “Cuchi Cuchi: Food & Drink

  1. food photography can be super tough and you NAILED it. great job 🙂

  2. I’ll take one of each please!

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  4. Carla

    I want to go to Cuchi Cuchi now! Amazing angle shots!

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