My First Modeling Job (for The Velvet Fly and New England Finery Magazine), Courtesy of Liz Wertz

On a chilly day in April, my friend Nicole and I got the opportunity to model for an amazing vintage boutique in the North End, The Velvet Fly. Since I’m usually behind the camera, I thought this would be a good chance to face the other side of the lens for a bit!

Our photographer was the wonderful and talented Elizabeth Wertz. Check out her stuff, and you’ll see exactly what I mean: she is beyond fantastic.

AND, the most fun part, the photoshoot was published in New England Finery Magazine! You can see it HERE starting on page 36.

What could be better than a day of dress-up in beautiful clothing? As you can see for yourself in the article, The Velvet Fly is incredible. I would buy all of my outfits there if only I could (and maybe one day I will!)!

Liz took a lot of photos of me that did not make it into the magazine, but I’d love to share them here (I just know all my fans are dying for photos of me – hahahaha!). All photos in this post are courtesy of Elizabeth Wertz – thank you so much, Liz! You were a blast to work with!

I have a new respect for models; I always knew that you have to photograph summer clothes in the winter and vice versa, but this took it to a whole new level: outside, in the North End, in forty degrees, in dresses. Brrrrrr!

I could not have loved my dresses more, though, however cold I was. I kept it together, shivering in a jacket until go-time, then shrugging off the coat and posing as needed. It was quite a production! We got a lot of attention, mostly unwanted, but very amusing, while we strolled the North End. Much like this:

He was one of the friendlier ones, actually!

The Velvet Fly is one of the most beautiful stores I’ve ever seen; it’s perfectly styled and colorful and light. The article has tons of photos of it, but here’s one on set with me and Nicole in the background:

Nicole and I got our duo shots, too. The laughter is 100% natural, I promise!

The North End was the perfect setting for this shoot: historic, urban, great light, lots of character, and more. We had so much fun traipsing around its brick and cobblestone streets, hauling a vintage couch into an alleyway and everything!

Altogether, it was an enlightening experience, and a girly-girl’s dream. Thank you so much to Liz, The Velvet Fly, and New England Finery, for giving us such a fun afternoon!



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2 responses to “My First Modeling Job (for The Velvet Fly and New England Finery Magazine), Courtesy of Liz Wertz

  1. WONDERFUL post Julie, thank you so much for your adorable recounting of our cold but enchanting afternoon at the Fly! You are a natural model, girl, so don’t be surprised if I seek you out again in the future….It’s so funny, spending an evening with you and Tara reminded me how much I love my job, and inspired me to come home and spend some time actually blogging. I have a few posts almost ready to publish, one being this very shoot! So you will soon see more of your lovely face featured on the web!

  2. Aw, Liz! I can’t wait for more fun with you!

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