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Family fall fun, and Augie at (almost) 21 months

Can we all agree that fall, and Halloween, are the best? This fall we had a ton of fun with Augie, now almost 21 months, at Craven Farm, picking out pumpkins, playing on trucks and tractors, visiting animals, and enjoying the weather. His BFF Logan makes an appearance in these photos, too – Logan and his family are moving just a few blocks away from us and I am so excited that these boys will be growing up together!

At 21 months, Augie talks up a storm. His comprehension and vocabulary astound me! His loves remain trucks (really, anything with wheels), books, balls, and stuffed animals. He loves his music class and a kids gymnastics class, but is equally happy driving cars around our house.

For Halloween, my sister made him an owl costume. It is the most beautiful thing ever and August was adorable in it. He spent the whole day saying, “Whoo whooooo,” “trick-or-treat,” “happy Halloween,” and “búho costume!” (Búho is Spanish for owl.) Halloween also gave us the opportunity to sport a family costume with Tyler as the tree, me as the nest, and Augs as our little búho – and we have a little family announcement to make, as well, about what’s in momma owl’s nest these days … scroll to the bottom of the post to find out!














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Boston Engagement: Matt & Maria at Boston Harbor Arts

On a chilly Sunday in April, I met lovebirds Matt and Maria at Boston Harbor Arts in East Boston for an amazing, industrial, vibrant, engagement session. Boston Harbor Arts is an outdoor art gallery of mostly sculpture that is in a shipyard in East Boston. The ramshackle surroundings are perfect for a little stroll and make excellent backdrops for photographs. Matt and Maria are an absolutely incredible couple – so warm, happy, fun, and in love. I had the best time hanging out with them, even if the wind did pick up a little! I cannot wait for their wedding in August. I stand by my claim that you two belong in a magazine, so everyone can enjoy your cuteness!

Matt and Maria had some great ideas to personalize their session, including bringing some games they play all the time at home – this card game looked like a lot of fun!

Matt had the great idea to try to replicate the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album cover with this walking shot – I think we did a pretty good job!

I love Boston Harbor Arts for many reasons, but one is that there is a great view of all of downtown Boston from across the water – isn’t it fabulous? An old, turquoise truck that sits on the premises is pretty awesome, too.

Thanks for braving the cold with me, Matt and Maria – it was a great day!


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