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A Dinosaur Third Birthday Party

Last weekend, August turned three! As requested, we threw him a dinosaur birthday party. Grammy and Grandpop and Aunt Rachael all flew in for the occasion and we decked the house out in dino-craft ideas Pinterest so nicely provided for me (I can execute a dinosaur balloon, but I cannot dream that up on my own …). You can see my Pinterest inspiration page here; judge for yourself how we did copying it all! Thank you to all the wonderful content creators out there. August loved his party.

At three, Augie is kind, curious, smart. The questions he asks us keep us on our toes!

Here’s the three-year-old and his party:
















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Finn, Age Three, at MIT

There’s something extra-adorable about redheaded kids! And one of my favorites is Finn;  you might recognize him from his two-year-old photos last year, and I was lucky enough to see him again this year as he turned three! Finn is one of the most polite, most intelligent, most interesting little guys I know. I always have fun with him, and this session was no exception.

The skies were a bit rainy, so we headed indoors to the MIT Media Lab, a building filled with light (and with a kid-friendly ottoman/seating area that you are allowed to color on!):

Dogaroo wanted to get his photos taken, too …

When the rain cleared up, we did manage to go down to the river and let Finn run around. Boy, does he have  a lot of energy!

Happy birthday, Finn! Thanks for spending some time with me and brightening my day!

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