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Jasper at 10 Months Old

I know I just posted Jasper’s nine month photos, but those were a bit late … It is time for his ten month session already, and here it is, actually on time!

At ten months old, Jasper has five teeth, is trying to transition to one nap and driving me crazy with his inconsistencies in sleep, loves to eat (everything!), stands for a few seconds on his own, and “hugs” things he likes by lying down on them. He is so happy, so engaged, so in love with his older brother. The sibling relationship is beyond my wildest expectations; when the boys are playing together and making each other laugh, I cannot take the cuteness. The photos below of them reading together bowl me over.

Happy ten months, Jasper!



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Jasper at Nine Months

My lovely little Jasper is 9 months old. Unbelievable.

This child is so joyful; he is the happiest of happy babies. Even when he gets up too early and starts the day at 5AM, I can’t help but laugh with him as he chuckles at every page of every book we read in his room, trying not to wake anyone else! He adores his older brother and follows him around the house all day, driving a caravan of vehicles and trying to do everything August does. It is literally heartwarming to see their burgeoning sibling relationship.

Jasper had a bad bout of illness right at nine months, so we did these photos in two sessions after the first one was halted due to lack of enthusiasm on everyone’s part. He still looks a little thin to me, his discerning, worrying mother, and he did lose almost a pound while sick! But he’s bounced back and is as cute as ever. I mean, look at this face!




Big brother got into some photos, too, of course … life as the little brother is perfectly captured here. Just sitting, relaxing, while goodness knows what is going on in the background …



juliesterlingphoto_9months_0001 juliesterlingphoto_9months_0007

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A 90th Birthday Party – The St. Regis Monarch Beach

A 90th birthday brunch, what a privilege! The very elegant Mrs. Kramer celebrated the milestone with a lovely brunch at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California. Surrounded by her family, including six great-grandchildren, she is an inspiration. Congratulations, Mrs. Kramer!






The oldest and youngest Kramer women: Emily – 15 months, Lorraine – 1,080 months.





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Newborn Baby V – Seattle

Last fall, I photographed a wonderful family for the holidays, and this summer, I got to help welcome their newest addition, Baby V! Here she is, just six days old, and perfect. Big brother Z doesn’t quite know what to make of her yet, but being the sweetheart he is, I’m sure they’ll soon be fast friends. Baby V was so well-behaved, I couldn’t believe it. Even during her first bath, she hardly made a peep. It was almost enough to give me baby fever again myself … I mean, seriously, what an angel! Take a peek …








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Sisters in the Fall!

What is better than playing in fall leaves? It sure looks like fun, doesn’t it? Sisters Sarah and Katie enjoyed an autumn romp last November and I was there to partake in the laughter. You’ve seen these two before, when Sarah was just a weensy baby – it’s crazy how time flies!



November can be chilly, so we spent some time inside, as well:



Thanks for having me back to play, girls! Hope to see you again soon!

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A Snowy Boston Family Session

From sunny/foggy California to wintery Boston, a family session is always a blast! I met up with four-year-old Madison and two-year-old Tyler and their parents in the Public Garden for a pre-holidays romp in the snow. We got a little chilly, but still have a great time!




Look at these little faces – angels!



Happy winter, everybody!


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Two-Year-Old Twins!

One of my favorite things is documenting how children grow. The rate of change is simply astonishing! This is the third time I’ve been lucky enough to photograph twins F. and C. and they are cuter, smarter, and more charming each time! This shoot is from last November when pumpkins and leaves were still around (and maybe even some leftover Sesame Street Halloween costumes …). These girls are still big readers (love that!) and just so much fun. Take a look at them at four months old, a year old, and now, at two:








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Wedding: Evan & Michelle at Curtis Farm, Wilton, NH

I am excited to share my brother- and sister-in-law’s wedding! It was a wonderful weekend in New Hampshire and everything was just beautiful. It was such a pleasure to welcome Michelle into the family! She worked so hard on all the gorgeous details and they all came out so well. Some of my favorite moments of the day were Michelle getting ready with all her lovely lady attendants, the ceremony processional with bubbles, the enthusiastic wedding party, the Williams brothers’ impromptu song/speech, a high-five post cake cutting, Michelle’s mom’s reaction to the father-daughter dance, and the Middlebury College tradition of stripping off shirts whenever you hear Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” – that really brought me back! So many good memories. Without further ado … Michelle and Evan!


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Sisters: Grace and Blu in Harvard Yard

I love shooting at Harvard – there is so much architecture and nature to enjoy, and it is a perfect playground for energetic kids to run around in, too. I was so happy to meet four-year-old Grace and her sister, two-year-old Blu (along with Mom and Dad) for a family photo session in the Yard. I think this shoot conveys something very true about childhood … a feeling, a freedom. And a cuteness! Thank you for spending the morning with me, Grace and Blu!

And let’s not forget Mom and Dad … and another brother or sister on the way! What a wonderful family to be joining!

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Families: Ollie + Max + Mom + Dad

I adore kids, so family shoots are always welcome here at Julie Sterling Photography! Ollie and Max were especially fun to spend the morning with – we stuck close to home and played in the yard, taking advantage of a lovely end-of-summer day. These siblings are so sweet with each other, and super-affectionate with Mom and Dad, too. It was a pleasure to be there with them!

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