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Seattle Family Photos – Bennett at 18 Months

As a family photographer, I get a lot of questions from clients about where their photo shoots should take place. While a super-picturesque location can provide an amazing backdrop, sometimes the best place for photos can be found while simply strolling around your own neighborhood. For Bennett’s 18 month and fall family photos, we stuck close to home, walking around Seattle’s Capitol Hill, and ended up in his very own living room. The results are fantastic! Happy 18 months, Bennett. You are a lover of leaves and apples, books and blocks, and your “surprise” face is absolutely adorable!













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Two-Year-Old Twins!

One of my favorite things is documenting how children grow. The rate of change is simply astonishing! This is the third time I’ve been lucky enough to photograph twins F. and C. and they are cuter, smarter, and more charming each time! This shoot is from last November when pumpkins and leaves were still around (and maybe even some leftover Sesame Street Halloween costumes …). These girls are still big readers (love that!) and just so much fun. Take a look at them at four months old, a year old, and now, at two:








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The Nephew on his First Birthday!

Last month we took a trip to DC for our nephew’s first birthday! How time flies … poor Owain wasn’t feeling very well so we didn’t take too many photos, but he still got to enjoy his carrot cake muffin with cream cheese frosting (as did I!)!

Happy big ONE, little guy. Whether you’ve got pants on your head, food on your face, or you’re splashing it up at the pool, you are 100% pure unadulterated adorableness. It’s been so fun to follow you through this first year.

See Owain grow up: mama’s maternity shoot @ 21 weeksmama’s maternity shoot @ 35 weeks4 weeks old4 months old6 months old

We love you!

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Holidays at Home: Three Sisters

I just enjoyed almost two full weeks at home in Los Angeles with my family and it was glorious! I took a lot of photos, of the fam, friends, and other fun activities, including these three gorgeous sisters:

Aren’t they scrumptious? Their mother used to babysit me when I was small, and I wish I lived close enough to babysit them! They stayed over for New Year’s at our house and it was so much fun.

Winter in Cali looks a bit different from the usual Boston fare, doesn’t it?

We played, we read, we told stories about when we were little, and we thoroughly enjoyed having these smart cookies stay with us. I hope we see you all again soon!

Happy new year, three sisters. Much love from me, the eldest of three sisters, myself!


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Last January I met twins F. and C. (they were four months old at the time) and a few weeks ago, I got to see them again! Now just over a year old, F. and C. are totally different little girls than the babies I met last winter, though no less charming.

These twins are obviously fraternal and so different from each other, but they have that amazing twin closeness that is wonderful to see in action; they act and react in unison and share a secret language, climb around and laugh and play together …

We tried to put these adorable animal hats on the girls, but only C. tolerated her furry friend (F. hated hers and hid and cried!). Then we moved to crib playtime; the girls used to share one crib, but have since moved to two. They still like horsing around together in one, though:

It was a lovely day (incredibly warm for November), so we ventured outside for a family shot. Hello, holiday card!

I love repeat clients, especially when there are lovely kiddos involved – it is so much fun to see them grow! I hope to see you again soon, F. and C. and family!

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Baby Beane at 8 Months

How could anyone say no to spending the morning with this little face?

I certainly couldn’t, and I wouldn’t have wanted to! I had the most wonderful morning a few weeks ago with Baby Beane and her mother. Mom was going back to work after a glorious eight months at home with Beane and wanted photographic documentation of their daily routine. Enter: me plus my camera.

First of all, what a sweet request; it was such a privilege to spend time with these two. Beane is an amazing baby, so curious, so intelligent, so cute! And Mom has definitely become a role-model of what I want to be when I’m a mother: attentive, talkative, kind, patient, genuinely enjoying her child. It was truly inspirational!

We listened to music (real records!), we played on the mat, we played guitar, we had snacks, we read, we laughed, and we only cried once, very briefly.

It was such a fun, relaxed, special morning, I didn’t want to leave!

Thank you so much, Beane and Mom, for letting me share in your day!

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