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2015: A Personal Recap

So, I’ve not been the best at keeping up with blogging (obviously). Motherhood has taken over my life at this point and lots of things have fallen by the wayside. This does not mean I haven’t been taking any pictures, however! I take loads of those, and still have had clients this year that I plan on sharing with you here, but first, a personal recap of 2015 is in order. It was a good year. Brace yourselves for a very long post, and lots of pictures of my (cute) children…

When I left you last, I had Augie, age 21 months. I now have Augie, almost THREE years old AND baby brother Jasper, eight months. How did we get here?

Well, first, 2015 began …


Then, darling Augie turned TWO, and we had an incredible owl-themed birthday party, per his request. Thank goodness for Pinterest and my interest in being crafty, plus my endlessly creative sister visiting for the occasion. It was such fun! Highlights included the owl pineapple, owl pretzels, (non-owl) cakes, owl hanging lanterns, owl balloons and other decorations (we saved toilet paper rolls for months to make some cute little guys), and owl treat bags. And one adorable two-year-old in an owl shirt, of course!


(To my mother’s horror, I got up on the railing while pregnant. It’s only a few feet down!)


This next photo encapsulates how we all feel after a big party, right?


At this point in the year, I was heavily pregnant (as you can see above!). Chronicling pregnancy is one of my favorite photo jobs, and photographing my own pregnancies has been fun and meaningful for me. The lighting models I used each week are seriously cute, too! Here are a few of my favorites from my pregnancy with Jasper (how I wish I’d chosen a long-sleeved shirt for my photo outfit; I was often freezing during these quick shoots!):


My good friend Marcy did a professional photoshoot with me and my little family at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park when I was 37 weeks along. I love having these shots of the three of us, just weeks before our world changed forever.


And then I was 39 weeks and ready to be done with it!


A few days after those last two shots, Jasper was born! My labor was relatively quick and easy (two hours and forty minutes of active labor and eleven minutes of pushing) and I actually thought to myself afterwards, ‘I could do that again!’ What a relief to have it over with, though!

And just like that, we welcomed Jasper into our family. He was born on April 23rd, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces at 18 inches long. What a sweet, sweet baby he was and is.


In keeping with my reputation as an incessant record-keeper, I have been doing monthly photos of Jasper. Here he is at one through eight months. His 2015 has been a wonderful progression from lovable little blob of baby to crawling, cruising, smiling, laughing baby! He is an amazing little guy, full of personality and opinions already. Augie has taken to being a big brother well, though of course he occasionally struggles with it. My favorite moments as a mother of two have been when the boys are making each other laugh, just cracking each other up. I see a lifetime of friendship ahead for them and it makes me so happy.


Somewhere in there (well, in his month of August!), August turned two and a half! We were on vacation with my in-laws in Michigan and used the corn and apple fields to our advantage for his pictures:


Whew. Still with me?

This brings us to current day. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016, full of photographs, from me and mine to you and yours! I promise to do better with blogging this year!




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Newborn Baby V – Seattle

Last fall, I photographed a wonderful family for the holidays, and this summer, I got to help welcome their newest addition, Baby V! Here she is, just six days old, and perfect. Big brother Z doesn’t quite know what to make of her yet, but being the sweetheart he is, I’m sure they’ll soon be fast friends. Baby V was so well-behaved, I couldn’t believe it. Even during her first bath, she hardly made a peep. It was almost enough to give me baby fever again myself … I mean, seriously, what an angel! Take a peek …








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Introducing: Baby August!

It’s been over six weeks since my last post, but I have the best excuse there is … introducing baby August!




He is amazing (and time-consuming, hence no posts!). His newborn photoshoot at one week old was a hilarious few hours of disaster and beauty! I’ve never had a more difficult newborn session than with my own kid. All he wanted to do was eat! We actually had to delay taking any photographs for almost two hours because he just kept nursing. And when we finally did get started, he peed everywhere the second I took off his diaper. So, the diaper stayed on for the remainder of the shoot! He was still a stellar subject, of course, and too cute not to photograph.

My wonderful husband took these winning shots in the hospital on the day Augie was born:


I especially love how zen he looks in his first bath!

We’ve been enjoying our boy at home and have loved having a bevy of visitors and helpers in these early weeks. I cannot believe the little guy is already six weeks old! Here he is, looking much more mature in his one-month photos:


Parents everywhere – hire a photographer for your new bundle of joy! It is so worth it to have these precious images, reminders of this wondrous, challenging, and above all, fleeting period in your life.

I’ll get back to work soon enough, but for now, it’s just me and my little family, getting to know each other better every day.

Love, Julie


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Baby Ema at 10 Days Old

Ema has arrived! I posted her parents’ maternity shoot just in time – four days later, Ema showed up. I got to visit her on day 10 of her existence, and she is the calmest, sweetest little thing, alternately alert and sleepy, and loves to be held. Enjoy all this newborn goodness!

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Baby KK at One Month Old

Before I became a full-time professional photographer, I worked in an office composed of mostly women, aged twenty-two to forty-five; there were lots and lots of engagements, weddings, and babies! Each of the four women I worked under there have kids, and I had the privilege of photographing one of the precious babes last week!

Isn’t she the sweetest? Our photoshoot was pretty much spot on KK’s one-month birthday, and she is the best little baby ever! She was so quiet, so alert for our session, it was a such a pleasure to photograph her.

KK has such active little legs – we had to keep repositioning her during the tummy time shots above because she’d instantaneously shoot out those long legs as soon as we tucked them up beneath her! Who wants to bet she’ll be a runner!?

Mama Kathleen has taken to motherhood like a fish to water; watching her with her new daughter was amazing.

New dad Ryan was doing great, as well. Families are always incredible, always interesting, but never more than when they’re brand new.

We had a fabulous time during a very rainy afternoon! KK obliged us by putting up with her outfit changes, and only peed on Mom once!

Look at those expressive little feet!

KK, thank you for sharing your day with me. I hope I get to visit you and all your cuteness again soon!


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Newborn Photoshoot, Starring: Casey and Emma

Last week I did my very first newborn photoshoot. Little Casey was only seven days old and so so so tiny! She cooperated amazingly well, as did big sister Emma. They are such the darling pair of girls and I felt so lucky to peek into their lives for the morning.

For babies this small, a home visit is a must. Casey was warm and comfy in her adorable little outfits or swathed in blankets. I love how everything in a newborn’s environment is soft and comfortable!

With babies and kids, you want to capture them as they are, because as they are is just perfect. I do hardly any positioning or directing of kids because it’s just not necessary (and they usually won’t listen anyway!).

Emma is a very sweet big sister; at only twenty months, she’s really taken to her new sibling well.

Though, she likes the dog just as much 🙂

I was only with the family for an hour, but managed to get quite a few nice shots. I suppose with such angelic subjects, it was inevitable!

Then there are the shots the parents might not love, but I do: the crying shots. There is something sweet and universal about a crying child, and two crying children together? That’s life!

I really hope to do more newborn and kid shoots as I progress in my career; capturing these special days is so priceless and such a privilege. I can’t think of anything more fun for a baby-lover like me!

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