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Seattle Family Photos: Theo!

It’s springtime in Seattle, but a few months ago, a slightly drizzly winter day didn’t stop us from having a wonderful shoot with eighteen-month-old Theo and his family! We met at their lovely home and had such fun. Theo is such a joyful boy; we enjoyed reading, playing with the dog, snack time, and general silliness. Take a look at this exuberant little monkey and his lovely parents!















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Allegra + Ethan (+ Clover!) at Borderland State Park

I am so in love with this location (and this family!). Borderland State Park is an awesomely gorgeous place, home to the historic Ames Mansion and many paths to explore. I met Allegra, her son Ethan, and their cute dog Clover for an afternoon session there and it was so much fun to walk around the house, to the pond, and along the trails, taking photos all the while. Take a look at this photogenic family!

Everyone got their own little photoshoot, too, of course (including Clover!):

Won’t these make for some great holiday cards this year?

Thanks for having me spend the afternoon with you, Allegra and Ethan, and in such a lovely setting, too!

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Baby KK at One Month Old

Before I became a full-time professional photographer, I worked in an office composed of mostly women, aged twenty-two to forty-five; there were lots and lots of engagements, weddings, and babies! Each of the four women I worked under there have kids, and I had the privilege of photographing one of the precious babes last week!

Isn’t she the sweetest? Our photoshoot was pretty much spot on KK’s one-month birthday, and she is the best little baby ever! She was so quiet, so alert for our session, it was a such a pleasure to photograph her.

KK has such active little legs – we had to keep repositioning her during the tummy time shots above because she’d instantaneously shoot out those long legs as soon as we tucked them up beneath her! Who wants to bet she’ll be a runner!?

Mama Kathleen has taken to motherhood like a fish to water; watching her with her new daughter was amazing.

New dad Ryan was doing great, as well. Families are always incredible, always interesting, but never more than when they’re brand new.

We had a fabulous time during a very rainy afternoon! KK obliged us by putting up with her outfit changes, and only peed on Mom once!

Look at those expressive little feet!

KK, thank you for sharing your day with me. I hope I get to visit you and all your cuteness again soon!


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