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2015: A Personal Recap

So, I’ve not been the best at keeping up with blogging (obviously). Motherhood has taken over my life at this point and lots of things have fallen by the wayside. This does not mean I haven’t been taking any pictures, however! I take loads of those, and still have had clients this year that I plan on sharing with you here, but first, a personal recap of 2015 is in order. It was a good year. Brace yourselves for a very long post, and lots of pictures of my (cute) children…

When I left you last, I had Augie, age 21 months. I now have Augie, almost THREE years old AND baby brother Jasper, eight months. How did we get here?

Well, first, 2015 began …


Then, darling Augie turned TWO, and we had an incredible owl-themed birthday party, per his request. Thank goodness for Pinterest and my interest in being crafty, plus my endlessly creative sister visiting for the occasion. It was such fun! Highlights included the owl pineapple, owl pretzels, (non-owl) cakes, owl hanging lanterns, owl balloons and other decorations (we saved toilet paper rolls for months to make some cute little guys), and owl treat bags. And one adorable two-year-old in an owl shirt, of course!


(To my mother’s horror, I got up on the railing while pregnant. It’s only a few feet down!)


This next photo encapsulates how we all feel after a big party, right?


At this point in the year, I was heavily pregnant (as you can see above!). Chronicling pregnancy is one of my favorite photo jobs, and photographing my own pregnancies has been fun and meaningful for me. The lighting models I used each week are seriously cute, too! Here are a few of my favorites from my pregnancy with Jasper (how I wish I’d chosen a long-sleeved shirt for my photo outfit; I was often freezing during these quick shoots!):


My good friend Marcy did a professional photoshoot with me and my little family at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park when I was 37 weeks along. I love having these shots of the three of us, just weeks before our world changed forever.


And then I was 39 weeks and ready to be done with it!


A few days after those last two shots, Jasper was born! My labor was relatively quick and easy (two hours and forty minutes of active labor and eleven minutes of pushing) and I actually thought to myself afterwards, ‘I could do that again!’ What a relief to have it over with, though!

And just like that, we welcomed Jasper into our family. He was born on April 23rd, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces at 18 inches long. What a sweet, sweet baby he was and is.


In keeping with my reputation as an incessant record-keeper, I have been doing monthly photos of Jasper. Here he is at one through eight months. His 2015 has been a wonderful progression from lovable little blob of baby to crawling, cruising, smiling, laughing baby! He is an amazing little guy, full of personality and opinions already. Augie has taken to being a big brother well, though of course he occasionally struggles with it. My favorite moments as a mother of two have been when the boys are making each other laugh, just cracking each other up. I see a lifetime of friendship ahead for them and it makes me so happy.


Somewhere in there (well, in his month of August!), August turned two and a half! We were on vacation with my in-laws in Michigan and used the corn and apple fields to our advantage for his pictures:


Whew. Still with me?

This brings us to current day. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016, full of photographs, from me and mine to you and yours! I promise to do better with blogging this year!




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My Life: 9 Months Pregnant

As you may know, I am about to have a baby (see my prego progression here)! It is an incredibly exciting time and one I love capturing and sharing with images for others. My due date is TOMORROW, and I had been thinking of getting my own maternity photos done professionally for quite some time … I always talk about and truly believe that it is so important to celebrate these fleeting and essential life experiences, so I should do my own, too, right? So I called up one of my very best friends and one of the most talented photographers I know, Tara Lynn Sen, and we set out last Saturday for a pre-baby celebrations shoot!

We froze our patooties off tramping around Larz Anderson Park in Brookline in February, but it was totally and completely worth it! I know my husband and I will cherish these photographs forever (and that he is an incredibly good sport to put up with me and my wardrobe selections for him …). While I do not recommend waiting until the week of your due date to have maternity photographs taken (too risky!), I wholeheartedly recommend the experience!

All photographs are by the incomparable Tara Lynn Sen. Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you!


















More baby news to come … soon!


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Maternity: Daniela at 35 Weeks at MIT, Cambridge

I had the privilege of spending the day with Daniela and Felipe a few weeks ago – Dani was 35 weeks pregnant at the time, and now that her due date is just over a week away, I thought I should get these pictures up before baby Ema arrives! I loved the feel of this photoshoot! It was almost like an engagement session with all the love and adoration palpable between a couple, but this had the added emotion of an upcoming baby. We took our time on this hot July day to meander around the MIT Campus, taking plenty of stops for water and rest. We hit up the MIT Media Lab, the Gehry-designed Stata Center, the MIT Boathouse, and more … I always love a college or university campus for a session!

These two are going to be great parents. I cannot wait to meet Ema! Congrats, Felipe and Daniela!


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Vintage Wedding: Tricia and Phil at Smolak Farms, North Andover

Pure magic. That is how I would describe Tricia and Phil’s vintage wedding at the beautiful Smolak Farms in North Andover, styled by the genius Jillian at New England Vintage Rentals. Pure magic.

When I met Tricia and Phil last year, we hit it off instantly. I’m a vintage-loving girl myself, and it just so happened that the red and white Swiss dot dress I was wearing matched Tricia’s red and white Swiss dot top! We were meant to work together! I was enchanted by Tricia and Phil together – their love is so palpable, it is a joy to be around them. They are two genuinely happy people and I knew their wedding would be a celebration to remember!

Let’s start with the bride’s incredible details: her grandmother’s wedding hat from the ’40s and her lovely pink shoes, sitting atop a dress her grandmother wore to her daughter’s (Tricia’s mother’s) wedding in the ’70s (which Tricia’s worn on several occasions). I love the family history!

Tricia chose a fresh flower corsage to pin to her dress – such a lovely idea! She’s talented, too – she did her own hair and it looked absolutely amazing!

Smolak Farms was a fabulous venue for this fête – beautiful orchards and woodlands abound. I can’t wait to show you the portraits, so without further ado, here are Tricia and Phil in their newlywed glory!

Swoon! Tricia and Phil were a pleasure to photograph. They are so incredibly sweet together! I could have taken portraits of them all day long. But, there was a lot of other gorgeous stuff to photograph, too, including all of the beautiful rustic details – take a look …

And just look at the cake, fashioned like a vintage hat box, and the delicious pies! Yummers!

Tricia and Phil’s ceremony was as joyful as they are; I go to a lot of these things, and these two made me cry! A good friend and her husband sang the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song “Home” and I just couldn’t stop myself from tearing up.

After the wonderful “I Do”s, we did some group photographs, all of the lovely couple photos, and then it was on to cocktail hour! With mason jars filled with signature cocktails, mustache cookies and temporary tattoos for a do-it-yourself mustache photobooth, and artisan jellos shots, it was a great kickoff to the evening!

The evening continued with delicious food, heartfelt speeches (including a tearful one from the bride’s sister – adorable!), and very sweet dances:

After dinner, the fun went on and on and on with contra dancing! Music was provided by a great folk band and a wonderful man taught all the guests the steps, then called them out. What a kick!

Amid all this, we managed to fit in a mini maternity shoot for Tricia’s sister! Isn’t she gorgeous? Congratulations, Christie and Brandon! I can’t wait to hear about your new arrival soon!

Before we knew it, it was time for Tricia and Phil’s magical exit in a 1939 burgundy Cadillac limo. The style never ends with these two!

Congratulations, Tricia and Phil! It was a night to remember and I am so grateful that I could be a part of it.

And a special thanks goes out to my dear friend and second shooter for the day, Tara Lynn Sen. I couldn’t have done it without you, girl!

Venue: Smolak Farms

Flowers and Styling: New England Vintage Rentals

Catering: Little Neck Clambake Company

Cake: Donna’s Cakes

Artisan Jello Shots & Specialty Desserts: Gelology

Musician: Owen Morrison

Videographer: Well Spun Weddings

Dress: Sabella Couture


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Maternity Photoshoot: Gwennan at 35 Weeks, Plus, A Baby Party!

In February, Tyler and I visited his brother Conor and our sister-in-law Gwennan in DC. During that visit, Gwenn and I had a fabulously fun maternity shoot; at the time, she was about halfway through her pregnancy. A few weeks ago, Ty and I got to visit Gwenn and Conor again, this time for their pre-baby party (and of course, another maternity shoot!).

Here’s the pregnant beauty, just weeks away from becoming a mom!

She looks amazing! Gwenn is all belly, and it’s a beautiful one, too.

Tyler and I arrived before the party to help set up, though I mostly spent my time photographing the details of the marvelous spread. Gwenn and Conor are excellent hosts!

Conor and Tyler’s mother made the party favors: a variety of delights in hand-sewn bags. Gwenn’s parents were on hand to help with all the cooking. It was all gorgeous!

This wasn’t a traditional baby shower – that’s not Gwenn’s style. Instead, it was a pre-baby celebration with food and drinks and socializing (with the mom-to-be imbibing seltzer!). Gwenn paid tribute to her Welsh roots with the UK favorite, Pimm’s Number One Cup. Yum!

The only game at this shower was the old standard where you guess the baby’s due date, sex, birth weight, and in this case, name. Gwenn and Conor will be choosing Welsh names for their baby, so guests were invited to look through a Welsh name book and try to pick a good one for Baby Williams.

However nontraditional the shower, you can’t stop people giving you presents! Gwenn was appropriately showered with gifts, and my own small contribution was a dinosaur hat I knitted for my new niece or nephew. I think it’ll fit the baby by winter in DC … it certainly doesn’t fit Tyler’s giant noggin!

One of the cutest party attendees was this little fellow, who truly loves his chocolate cake. I couldn’t help but document it!

After the party ended, Gwenn and Conor and I met up at their apartment the next day to do more photos of this special time in their lives.

These two are going to be great parents. They are so excited for their imminent arrival! And so am I!

Maternity shoots are so much fun; every mom-to-be deserves to spend a little time being glamorous before her baby arrives.

Spending time with Gwenn and Conor was wonderful, but this trip was made even better when I got to see one of my best friends, Courtney, as well! Court is new to DC and was able to attend the baby party, too. So many of my favorite people in one place – what a weekend!

Thanks to Tyler for the photo of me and Court!

Tyler was there, too, of course – it was a family affair.

Congrats, Gwenn and Conor! Thanks for throwing such an excellent shindig and bringing us all together to celebrate with you. We cannot wait for news of Baby Williams!


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Happy Belated Mother’s Day: Maternity Photoshoot!

Happy belated Mother’s Day, internet! I am tardy in this post as I was ill all weekend (cough, cough, sniffle, sniffle). But in the spirit of Mother’s Day, I already shared Baby Beane and her mother with you, and would now love to share a Mama-to-be, Sarah.

Sarah was just weeks away from giving birth at the time of our shoot, and the nursery had just been finished for baby Mari.

Doesn’t Sarah just glow? And the nursery was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen; such great colors and filled with light!

Sarah and her husband are such wonderful, kind people, it was a pleasure to spend the morning with them. They are so excited for their daughter’s arrival!

Baby girls are so much fun – think of the outfits! Sarah had a whole lineup of adorable shoes – we couldn’t help but use them in some of the photos:

About ten days after our photoshoot, I heard from Sarah that Mari was arriving much earlier than expected, so I am so glad we got the chance to capture Sarah’s pregnancy when we did!

This beautiful family has one more member now!


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Maternity Photoshoot: Aleja and Family

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing one of my former coworkers, a wonderful woman I worked with every day before I decided to pursue photography full-time.

Meet Aleja!

Aleja was only six weeks away from her due date at the time of our session and she looked fabulous! I think she is the hippest mom I know, hands down.

I was very lucky because I not only got to catch up and spend time with Aleja, but I also got to hang out with her entire family! She has a very sweet husband and two beautiful girls, all of whom joined us in the studio.

The third sister in this terrific trio is on her way soon, and the girls know it! They are quite excited about Aleja’s pregnancy, though I’m not sure little Cece understands it completely … Aja definitely does!

Isn’t Nate lucky to be surrounded by so many beautiful women?

Cece got a little pregnancy explanation from her parents mid-shoot (without going into details, of course):

To get the girls interested in participating in the photoshoot, I resorted to pink ribbon! We had them tie up their Mommy, which was a very fun game, indeed. Cece went from refusing to step on the white paper (she didn’t want to get it dirty! Isn’t that too sweet?) to carousing around in circles with Aja. We just had to make sure they didn’t end up choking Aleja … but that was easily avoided!

Watching Aleja with her family was a joy. She is such a good mother! I also have a sweet spot in my heart for families of three girls, seeing as I come from one. There’s nothing quite like it.

Keeping with the girly theme, I wrapped Aleja in a pink pashmina to show off the gorgeous belly some more. She is just stunning!

We ended the photoshoot with an idea from Aleja’s girls: all they wanted, apparently, was to draw on her belly! With non-toxic highlighters, Aleja let them do just that. I am in LOVE with this adorable picture of Cece; she is a firecracker, and you can see it!

Aja is interested in becoming a photographer herself, and by the end of the shoot she had warmed up enough to try it out (with a fake camera Aleja brought for her to play with). I think I may have some competition!

Thank you so much, Aleja, Nate, Aja, and Cece! I had such a wonderful evening with you and I cannot wait to meet the new baby when she comes. She is so lucky to be joining such an amazing family.


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Maternity Shoot: Gwennan at 21 Weeks

Or was it 22 weeks? It was the end of February, and my gorgeous and pregnant sister-in-law, Gwennan, allowed me to photograph her. Let’s call it 21.5 weeks just to be safe.

Gwenn lives in Washington, DC and Tyler’s rugby schedule had us flying in for the weekend. It was a very quick trip, but I made sure to schedule some time with Gwenn to capture her midway through her first pregnancy. This is the first grandchild for our family, so it is extra exciting!

Gwenn is a beauty, pregnant or not, no doubt about it:

While Tyler played rugby and his brother, Conor (Gwenn’s hubby) dutifully went to watch the game, Gwenn and I stayed home for our photo shoot.

I think pregnancy is especially beautiful, so it is such a joy to be around moms-to-be for me. Gwenn and I are close, and I think this allowed me to bring out some very open and natural expressions in her. My challenge will be to do this with other pregnant women I hope to photograph in the future, with women I’ve just met!

Gwenn is due in July, and I’ll be back in June for her baby shower (and another photoshoot), and again in August to meet my new niece or nephew (and photograph him or her)! I think it will be wonderful to document the course of Gwenn’s pregnancy, and its amazing culmination!

After a while, we decided to bare the belly! Isn’t it the most incredible thing ever? I just can’t ever get over how amazing pregnancy is. Billions of women have gone through it, but each individual case is so special and such an honor to be a part of.

Thank you, Gwennan, for being a willing subject for my lens. You look gorgeous! Can’t wait to see you again soon!

P.S. Today is Gwenn’s birthday, so wish her many happy returns!


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