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Family Portraits at the UCLA Botanical Garden

Growing up just a few miles from UCLA, I somehow never visited the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Gardens while I was a kid. I was excited to go there with a friend and her family over a year ago (hey, I’m still catching up with blog posts over here!) for a family session in the California sunshine.

From bamboo forests to native desert plants, this garden has a variety of landscapes to explore and enjoy, and two-year-old C. loved romping through it all in her party dress. Enjoy this smiling family!




Though I’m based in Seattle, I’m in L.A. to visit family all the time, so think of me for photo things down here, too!


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Los Angeles Family Holiday Photos

I was thrilled to get an email from an old friend, a woman I spent five months in Spain with almost a decade ago. I was even happier when she told me she had married the boyfriend who had visited her in Spain (just as I eventually married my then-boyfriend, too!) and they now lived in Los Angeles with their one-year-old daughter. Since I am always going back and forth to LA to visit my family, we were able to make a plan for me to take their family photos during my December visit! It was wonderful to see them all again and meet their little girl. She is a cutie-pie, as you can see:









We made sure to take a few photos of Mom and Dad alone, too (with an adoring onlooker peering through the glass doors!) – it’s always important to remember yourselves as a couple, even in your new roles, right?


Here’s to old friends! Happy holidays!

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Sneak Peek: Jennifer and Richard in Santa Monica

Congratulations to Jen and Rich who got married at the gorgeous Victorian in my hometown of Santa Monica, California! It was so much fun to meet up with you two in Boston for your engagement shoot and then in sunny SoCal for the big day! Many more photos to come …


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Eli’s Bar Mitzvah Weekend in L.A.

My step-brother and I are almost exactly fourteen years apart, both born on special days in March (he on Pi Day, the infamous 3.14, I on St. Patty’s), and last weekend we both had birthday celebrations! His was a bit more spectacular than mine, however, as it was his Bar Mitzvah!

I flew into L.A. for the occasion, of course, and was so happy to be the “official” photographer for the Friday night service and dinner party before the big shebang on Saturday. And what a shebang it was! Eli absolutely rocked the service, which was followed by an amazing lunch at Upstairs 2, which was followed by some napping time back at the house (at least for me, Tyler, and my sisters), which was followed by an awesome party at 8443 Warner (including an airbrush tattoo artist — what’s up skull and crossbones on my arm! — the In-n-Out truck, and lots of dancing). What fun! Nothing beats a Bar Mitzvah dance party. NOTHING.

But first, there was Friday night, starring the man of the weekend, my brother, Eli:Us sisters were so proud he chose to wear the kippah we brought him from our Israel trip last summer. He loves Sprite, as you can see:

Eli is such a cool customer and wasn’t nervous at all. Or was he? The only sign was a bit of tension in his hands, but other than that, you couldn’t tell at all!

I really enjoyed being home in L.A. to share this special occasion with my bro. It was so great to see the whole family, too! Here’s a shot, courtesy of my husband, of part of my family in our Friday night best (sisters, bro, step-mom, dad, and me!):

After the Friday night service, we went for a celebratory dinner party at the Brentwood Country Club. Yummers! I got to practice my event photography skills there. It was a night of toasts and tearful speeches, and I loved it all!

Congrats, Eli, and mazel tov! You are amazing and I love you.

I’m now catching up on sleep after my red-eye back east, from which I went straight to school on Monday morning, but it was absolutely worth it and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

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