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Seattle Family Photos – Bennett at 18 Months

As a family photographer, I get a lot of questions from clients about where their photo shoots should take place. While a super-picturesque location can provide an amazing backdrop, sometimes the best place for photos can be found while simply strolling around your own neighborhood. For Bennett’s 18 month and fall family photos, we stuck close to home, walking around Seattle’s Capitol Hill, and ended up in his very own living room. The results are fantastic! Happy 18 months, Bennett. You are a lover of leaves and apples, books and blocks, and your “surprise” face is absolutely adorable!













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Sisters in the Fall!

What is better than playing in fall leaves? It sure looks like fun, doesn’t it? Sisters Sarah and Katie enjoyed an autumn romp last November and I was there to partake in the laughter. You’ve seen these two before, when Sarah was just a weensy baby – it’s crazy how time flies!



November can be chilly, so we spent some time inside, as well:



Thanks for having me back to play, girls! Hope to see you again soon!

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A Very Foggy Family Session in California

When I was home in California for Thanksgiving, I couldn’t help but do a few photographic sessions (of course!). One of them was an afternoon with the wonderful Diego and his parents. We had planned on a bright park and beach extravaganza, but the weather did not support our sun-drenched hopes … instead, we got a very magical dense fog that lent a completely different feeling to our photos! It was an interesting change of pace, and certainly not what one thinks where Southern California is concerned, but we do have our foggy days, especially near the beach!

Without further ado, here is the exuberant, funny, adorable Diego, having a great time in Rustic Canyon with his folks:



Grandma got to participate, too! So sweet.



The beach at Station #8 was really cool – you could barely see the ocean with the fog.



It’s great to have clients everywhere I go! Thanks, Diego, for letting me hang out on such a unique day!

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Two-Year-Old Twins!

One of my favorite things is documenting how children grow. The rate of change is simply astonishing! This is the third time I’ve been lucky enough to photograph twins F. and C. and they are cuter, smarter, and more charming each time! This shoot is from last November when pumpkins and leaves were still around (and maybe even some leftover Sesame Street Halloween costumes …). These girls are still big readers (love that!) and just so much fun. Take a look at them at four months old, a year old, and now, at two:








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Engaged: Sean and Melissa, Medford Fells

It was the magic hour and the wonderful Sean and Melissa trekked out to the gorgeous Medford Fells with me for their equally magical engagement session! It was a fairly chilly autumn day, but Melissa braved it in a lovely sleeveless dress, and we warmed up a bit as we hiked around, so it wasn’t too uncomfortable! The Fells are amazing – really lovely, especially in the fall, and they made the perfect backdrop for these lovebirds. Congrats on your engagement, friends!

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The Family V. – Holiday Portraits

The family holiday portrait fun just keeps going! And I love every minute of it. I was especially happy to meet up with one of my favorite women in the wedding industry in Boston, Nivia, owner of the fabulous Camilla’s Bridal in Arlington, and photograph her three adorable children.

I don’t know if Nivia and her husband did this on purpose (though I suspect so), but both they and all three children have a “V” in the middle of their names! I love a family connected by names (my sisters and I all have the same middle name, as does our dad, as did our grandpa). So, without further ado, I present, the siblings V!

Each kid had his or her own personal photoshoot with me outside in the wonderful November leaves (it’s been a long, gorgeous autumn!). First up was I., a perfect model:

Then came older brother X., who has the sweetest smile:

Then, last but not least, little S. got her turn. What a doll!

Is this family gorgeous or what? I especially loved the matching sister outfits!

We also went inside to get some photographs of the kids by their Christmas tree. No one decorates like Nivia! Her home is absolutely stunning, and so warm and comfortable for the holidays.

Merry Christmas, siblings V.! And all you brides out there, check out Camilla’s Bridal – it is the best!


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Marvelous Max, Age 2.5

The holiday portrait fest continues! I am so lucky to spend my days with amazing kids and their loving families. This shoot took place at a park in Medford, and then back at the family’s nearby home. Boston’s glorious autumn weather is continuing well into winter here (though it’s finally starting to get chilly now …) and plenty of leaves were still strewn about, ready to tramp through. And so we did! This family knows how to have fun:

Max is the politest two-year-old I’ve ever encountered. I was so impressed with the abundance of pleases and thank yous and excuse mes! Mom and dad have done an excellent job with this young man.

The boy really loves his dog, too, which is always sweet to see:

Happy holidays!

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Wedding: Brenna & Brian at Upstairs on the Square, Cambridge

11.11.11 was an epic day for weddings, and I was lucky enough to celebrate it with Brenna and Brian and their lovely families at Upstairs on the Square, one of my favorite restaurants in Cambridge.

We started the day at Brenna’s parents’ house in the fading afternoon light, perfect for portraits of the dress and shoes, and later the lovely bride …

There is no more gorgeous time of year for portraits than fall, with its burst of colors and textures. The neighborhood was a perfect backdrop for Brenna’s bridal shots:

We had to leave the nieces and nephews at home (recognize any of them? I photographed them last year when they were even wee-er little things) when we ventured on the Upstairs on the Square for the adults-only evening wedding. Upstairs is a riot of color and decoration that rivals the natural beauty of autumn, but in an entirely different way. The Jewel Box Room was an amazing space for this celebration:

Brenna and Brian were so sweet when they saw each other for the first time, but totally chill about it, too. This intimate wedding was all about them, their families, fun, and no fuss. I loved the laid-back atmosphere!

A ceremony in front of a fireplace altar sounds nice, and so it was:

After the short and sweet ceremony, and some speeches that made me tear up, we went outside to Winthrop Street and Winthrop Park right by the restaurant for some night photos of the happy couple:

It was an enchanted evening for Brenna and Brian and all involved, and Upstairs on the Square’s magical atmosphere only added to the greatness of this 11.11.11 wedding. Thanks so much for having me be a part of it all!

For more from Brenna and Brian’s wedding, she the slideshow here: http://www.juliesterlingphoto.com/BrennaBrianWeddingSlideshow/index.html

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Sneak Peek: Brenna & Brian

On 11.11.11, many people got married, but two especially fabulous people had me document their day. We went from incredible natural vibrancy in the form of fall leaves at the bride’s parents’ house to the incredible designed vibrancy of one the of best restaurants in Cambridge: Upstairs on the Square. There is so much more to come from Brenna and Brian, but here’s a little peek!

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Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

Early November still has a spooky holiday vibe to it, with Halloween just past and Day of the Dead and All Souls’ Day and whatnot. What better time to go visit one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country? No better time, I say.

I’m currently working as a teaching assistant for the photography school I attended, and as a break for my class’s computer-intensive Photoshop II module, we set off for Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge for a shooting assignment. As the TA, I get to come along, help out, and photograph to my heart’s content. And I LOVE cemeteries, especially old ones. Mount Auburn was founded in 1831 and landscaped to 19th-century perfection. I’ll let its beauty on a New England autumn day speak for itself:

Mount Auburn Cemetery is BIG – 174 acres big. There are hundreds of named paths and walkways, all nature-related, to wander. I could have explored all day and still had more to see.

There are many significant memorials, sculptures, and architectural gems in the cemetery; I captured just a few of them.

Here’s a sphinx Civil War Memorial and the gorgeously gothic Bigelow Chapel:

And here’s the Mary Baker Eddy memorial:

The Visitors’ Center lives in the lovely red-stone Story Chapel:

The Washington Tower looms over the entire place and offers great views of the Boston skyline in the distance:

The fall foliage was truly incredible; the leaves reflecting in the various ponds around the grounds looked like watercolor paintings. Amazing.

Artistic stonework is everywhere, in delicious states of disrepair:

Who wants to come back with me in awesome outfits to stage a full-on photoshoot here?

Happy November!


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