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Baby D. at Home in Seattle

About a year ago, I got to visit with Baby D. at his lovely home in Seattle. D. and his parents are neighbors of mine; we met because I kept walking past their house and their door was always invitingly open, D. playing happily outside with his mother. We became friends and our kids have had loads of fun together since! Though D. is a whole year older than he appears in these photos, they are still some of my favorites. We took a low-key approach to these portraits, sticking to D.’s parents’ light-filled bedroom and letting him be his adorable baby self.







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Thomas at 7 Months

When I got a message from a former coworker with the request to photograph her seven-month-old son, I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to spend the day with all the cuteness, and I was not disappointed. Thomas is a happily babbling baby with the most adorable fat cheeks and we had a blast. Who could resist those big blue eyes?

I couldn’t get enough of Thomas and his chubby cheeks! He was an absolute delight. I hope I get to see you again soon!

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Mock Engagement: Nat and Ashley at the Waltham Commuter Rail Station

It’s been a run of engagement shoot sessions recently, and here’s the final one (for now!): another mock engagement, with our models Nat and Ashley. You may recognize them from the wedding module where they got married time and again so that we could practice. Well, they’re back, and apparently, back in time since we did everything out of order, for their mock engagement!

We photographed around the commuter rail station in Waltham (the same location as my recent Ellen photoshoot, which happened that same morning). There was no shortage of interesting doorways and dilapidated building sides to pose them in front of. I let Ashley take center stage on this one:

I love how Nat is looking at her – it makes you truly believe they are engaged!

We traipsed around the train tracks, never quite daring to go on them (I ride this commuter rail every day, and I’ve seen how quickly a train can plow through the station!). Nat and Ashley have modeled together so many times now, they’ve become quite comfortable with each other. It was so easy to get very natural expressions out of them!

Thanks, you two, for lending us your smiles once again! It was a pleasure, as always.

As for me, classes are almost over! I have but six weeks left, during which I will complete a documentary multimedia project and then an assignment for a local non-profit. And then … I’m a real-life, full-time photographer! Bring it.

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