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Family fall fun, and Augie at (almost) 21 months

Can we all agree that fall, and Halloween, are the best? This fall we had a ton of fun with Augie, now almost 21 months, at Craven Farm, picking out pumpkins, playing on trucks and tractors, visiting animals, and enjoying the weather. His BFF Logan makes an appearance in these photos, too – Logan and his family are moving just a few blocks away from us and I am so excited that these boys will be growing up together!

At 21 months, Augie talks up a storm. His comprehension and vocabulary astound me! His loves remain trucks (really, anything with wheels), books, balls, and stuffed animals. He loves his music class and a kids gymnastics class, but is equally happy driving cars around our house.

For Halloween, my sister made him an owl costume. It is the most beautiful thing ever and August was adorable in it. He spent the whole day saying, “Whoo whooooo,” “trick-or-treat,” “happy Halloween,” and “búho costume!” (Búho is Spanish for owl.) Halloween also gave us the opportunity to sport a family costume with Tyler as the tree, me as the nest, and Augs as our little búho – and we have a little family announcement to make, as well, about what’s in momma owl’s nest these days … scroll to the bottom of the post to find out!














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Two-Year-Old Twins!

One of my favorite things is documenting how children grow. The rate of change is simply astonishing! This is the third time I’ve been lucky enough to photograph twins F. and C. and they are cuter, smarter, and more charming each time! This shoot is from last November when pumpkins and leaves were still around (and maybe even some leftover Sesame Street Halloween costumes …). These girls are still big readers (love that!) and just so much fun. Take a look at them at four months old, a year old, and now, at two:








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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, dear friends! Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love dressing up, but this year was especially hectic, so I am sans costume (and very sad about it). Instead, I decided to make some Halloween-themed edible treats to celebrate!

Here are some very yummy tarantula cookies and cobweb cupcakes. Many thanks to my friend Michelle, whose cupcake decorating skills are much, much sharper than mine.

The kitchen is a mess, but our stomachs are very happy.

What were you for Halloween?

I promise now, in front of my internet audience, that I will not let another un-costumed year go by. Next year I’ll be dressed up in full force (like usual!). Boo!


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