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Baby D. at Home in Seattle

About a year ago, I got to visit with Baby D. at his lovely home in Seattle. D. and his parents are neighbors of mine; we met because I kept walking past their house and their door was always invitingly open, D. playing happily outside with his mother. We became friends and our kids have had loads of fun together since! Though D. is a whole year older than he appears in these photos, they are still some of my favorites. We took a low-key approach to these portraits, sticking to D.’s parents’ light-filled bedroom and letting him be his adorable baby self.






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August at 8 Months Old

Another month gone by, and baby August is 8 months old! Time is flying. Our little guy is really fun these days. He cannot sit still, except to read his five favorite books over and over and over and over … The rest of the time he is all over the place, crawling and pulling up to stand on everything. His two front teeth are starting to come in and the drool-fest continues! His favorite foods are prunes, cheese, and anything mixed with yogurt. He knows the word “kitty-cat” and looks around for ours whenever I say it!

Bring on the cuteness, you say? Don’t mind if I do!








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Baby August at 7 Months Old

Augie is 7 months old! In the past few weeks he’s started crawling, can get up from all fours to sitting on his own, and is a super stable sitter, too! He’s even started pulling up to stand with support on things. We are seriously in trouble now and the childproofing has begun in earnest. We’ve gotten over the introduction to solids hump and Augs now accepts food readily, even if he still doesn’t eat that much.

He’s generally a smiley little guy, but this photoshoot he wasn’t quite feeling it … we started with another color swaddle cloth as a backdrop, but that did not work for this mobile little man for long! We eventually switched to a sheet so that he could move freely!

Here’s August at his most serious:


And then he had a bit more fun once he got on the move:





Happy seven months, August!


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