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Jasper at 10 Months Old

I know I just posted Jasper’s nine month photos, but those were a bit late … It is time for his ten month session already, and here it is, actually on time!

At ten months old, Jasper has five teeth, is trying to transition to one nap and driving me crazy with his inconsistencies in sleep, loves to eat (everything!), stands for a few seconds on his own, and “hugs” things he likes by lying down on them. He is so happy, so engaged, so in love with his older brother. The sibling relationship is beyond my wildest expectations; when the boys are playing together and making each other laugh, I cannot take the cuteness. The photos below of them reading together bowl me over.

Happy ten months, Jasper!



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Newborn Baby V – Seattle

Last fall, I photographed a wonderful family for the holidays, and this summer, I got to help welcome their newest addition, Baby V! Here she is, just six days old, and perfect. Big brother Z doesn’t quite know what to make of her yet, but being the sweetheart he is, I’m sure they’ll soon be fast friends. Baby V was so well-behaved, I couldn’t believe it. Even during her first bath, she hardly made a peep. It was almost enough to give me baby fever again myself … I mean, seriously, what an angel! Take a peek …








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A Snowy Boston Family Session

From sunny/foggy California to wintery Boston, a family session is always a blast! I met up with four-year-old Madison and two-year-old Tyler and their parents in the Public Garden for a pre-holidays romp in the snow. We got a little chilly, but still have a great time!




Look at these little faces – angels!



Happy winter, everybody!


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Families: Ollie + Max + Mom + Dad

I adore kids, so family shoots are always welcome here at Julie Sterling Photography! Ollie and Max were especially fun to spend the morning with – we stuck close to home and played in the yard, taking advantage of a lovely end-of-summer day. These siblings are so sweet with each other, and super-affectionate with Mom and Dad, too. It was a pleasure to be there with them!

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Fall is for Families!

Happy 11.11.11! As we get deeper into the autumn season, the leaves are changing in a glorious display of colors and families are getting their holiday card portraits taken! That’s where I come in: I love taking family portraits, and concentrating some extra attention on a family’s little ones. Time flies, so it’s a great idea to capture your little family members each year to mark its passage.

I recently photographed the McD family at their home. We had just had our late October snow (crazy!) so we did not venture outside, but the house was full of light and perfect for a photoshoot. Kids J. and G. were absolute charmers!

Baby G. is just nine weeks in these photos, and big brother J. is two. Both are adorable. I’m sure we are in agreement on that!

J. preferred to cuddle up to Mama McD, while G. was happy to just chill, hang out, and wonder who this crazy lady with all the curly hair and a big piece of machinery was (moi!).

Won’t an assortment of these shots look great on a holiday card? Growing up, we’d tape all the holiday cards we received around all the doorways in the house. Cards are always better when they have photos on them!

Even crying Baby G. is cute!

Happy almost-holidays, everyone! There’s still time to fit your family photo session in before those cards need to go out …

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