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Sneak Peek: Samantha and Patrick

I just spent a wonderful weekend with my family at my cousin’s wedding in Glen Ellen, CA up near Sonoma. Wine country! And I was proud to be there not just as a cousin, but also as the photographer! Here are a few photos to tide everyone over while I work on the rest … and they are worth waiting for!

Love you Sam and Patrick!





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Mama and Baby

What to do when mama needs head shots for a new job and baby is too cute not to photograph? Take care of them both in one afternoon, I say! Baby Sophie is such a cutie pie at five months old, and mama got some portraits done, too, as well as some of the two of them together. Sophie started out all casual as she had just woken up from her nap. Chewing Dad’s hands is one of her favorite activities:


She then got all gussied up to match mama! Her other favorite thing: eating her feet!




We are very good friends with this family and this was the last photoshoot I did before leaving Boston – so sad! But we will be reunited with Sophie, sister Chloe, and many other friends on a trip to Italy this summer, so there is that to look forward to! Until then, stay adorable, Sophie! I don’t think you’ll have a problem doing just that … you are too cute for words!

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A Family Session in Harvard Yard with Mr. Max

Let’s go back to a lovely late fall day in Harvard Yard, one of my favorite places to shoot in Cambridge … Max and family were up for some laughs, some rugby-ball tossing, and lots of fun! Max looks ready to enroll, don’t you think?







I got to photograph Max and family at the very beginning of my photo career, and, as always, I’m floored by how much he’s grown! Check out Max two years ago.

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Wedding: Merideth & Rory at XV Beacon Hotel, Boston

Merideth and Rory had a lovely, intimate wedding at XV Beacon Hotel in downtown Boston. Their nearest and dearest were treated to a gourmet dinner at Mooo and a touching display of the couple’s love! I started the day with Merideth and her breathtaking dress in one of the hotel’s suites, followed by the ceremony in Mooo’s wine cellar (rain forced us down from the roof deck, unfortunately). The weather did cooperate later, though, and we were able to do some portraits outside – gotta love Boston streets for photos! The hotel offered some nice settings, as well. The reception took place back in the wine cellar where there were some hilarious toasts (and using both candles and iPhones to light up the speeches people had written down – it was a bit dark down there!) and a good time was had by all.

Thank you, Merideth and Rory, for having me with you on your wedding day! It was fabulous!

Venue: XV Beacon Hotel, Mooo Restaurant

Florist: Table and Tulip

Makeup: Yvette Cordio

Hair: Beaucage Salon

Dress: Alvina Valenta

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Sisters: Grace and Blu in Harvard Yard

I love shooting at Harvard – there is so much architecture and nature to enjoy, and it is a perfect playground for energetic kids to run around in, too. I was so happy to meet four-year-old Grace and her sister, two-year-old Blu (along with Mom and Dad) for a family photo session in the Yard. I think this shoot conveys something very true about childhood … a feeling, a freedom. And a cuteness! Thank you for spending the morning with me, Grace and Blu!

And let’s not forget Mom and Dad … and another brother or sister on the way! What a wonderful family to be joining!

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Engagement: Erin & Brandon at Stonehill College

Ah, how I love a beautiful college campus! It really takes me back … so I was absolutely thrilled when Erin and Brandon wanted to do their engagement shoot at Stonehill College, where they met years ago. One look at this school online and I was hooked – the grounds are incredible! We chose a sunset shoot and it could not have been better light. Erin’s fiery red hair really lit up in the glow! We so enjoyed meandering throughout the campus, taking photos whenever something caught our eye. I cannot wait for your October wedding, Erin and Brandon! It’s going to be wonderful! In the meantime, take a look at these two …


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Engaged: Nicole and Erik in Inman Square, Somerville

I love living in the Boston area, partly because of all the neighborhoods! Nicole and Erik, who are getting married in an apple orchard up in Maine this summer (and whose wedding I am greatly anticipating), chose to have their engagement shoot in their neighborhood: Inman Square in Somerville. As a Somervillian myself, I was thrilled with their decision. We started right near their house with a random brick wall that had fun graffiti. Smile, indeed!

We then moved on, walking towards Inman, stopping along the way as places caught our eye … the Thirsty Scholar Pub (we needed refreshment!) and the Academy of Arts and Sciences and their wooded grounds were two such locations:

Our meandering brought us to many places – in front of Dali restaurant (tapas!), the side of 1369 Coffee House, in front of a hardware store, on the patio of The Biscuit, in a neighbor’s garden … it was a serious Somerville/Cambridge tour!

We ended our session at the commuter rail tracks – luckily no trains came by!

Thanks for braving the chill wind and spending the afternoon with me, Nicole and Erik! I cannot wait for August and more fun with you two.

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Boston Engagement: Matt & Maria at Boston Harbor Arts

On a chilly Sunday in April, I met lovebirds Matt and Maria at Boston Harbor Arts in East Boston for an amazing, industrial, vibrant, engagement session. Boston Harbor Arts is an outdoor art gallery of mostly sculpture that is in a shipyard in East Boston. The ramshackle surroundings are perfect for a little stroll and make excellent backdrops for photographs. Matt and Maria are an absolutely incredible couple – so warm, happy, fun, and in love. I had the best time hanging out with them, even if the wind did pick up a little! I cannot wait for their wedding in August. I stand by my claim that you two belong in a magazine, so everyone can enjoy your cuteness!

Matt and Maria had some great ideas to personalize their session, including bringing some games they play all the time at home – this card game looked like a lot of fun!

Matt had the great idea to try to replicate the Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album cover with this walking shot – I think we did a pretty good job!

I love Boston Harbor Arts for many reasons, but one is that there is a great view of all of downtown Boston from across the water – isn’t it fabulous? An old, turquoise truck that sits on the premises is pretty awesome, too.

Thanks for braving the cold with me, Matt and Maria – it was a great day!


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Engaged: James and Kim in Salem

I met up with James and Kim last weekend in Salem, and though we had to brave the wind and cold, we had a most excellent engagement shoot. They are troopers! And so in love. I had such a wonderful time spending a few hours with them, tramping around town. We started down near the water and found a bunch of great spots:

From the water, we went into town. Salem is so historic and cute – we popped into restaurants for warmth between delightful walks down cobblestone streets:

We even got their adorable dog, Bailey, to come join us!

Congratulations on your engagement, James and Kim. I can’t wait for your wedding next September!

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New Orleans: St. Louis Cemetery #1

I love cemeteries; the mix of history, quiet, and the unknown gets me. So we definitely took some time to visit cemeteries in “City of the Dead” New Orleans. One of our stops was St. Louis Cemetery #1, the oldest cemetery in the city. It is in a delicious state of dereliction. Everything is literally falling apart. Thousands are buried in this one square block and the crowded, narrow allies between mausoleums are incredible to navigate.

The tombs are all above ground. Most people say this is due to the high water table in New Orleans, but historians argue that this is merely because of the strong Spanish and French influences, and the customs of the time. Whatever the reason, it is very cool to walk through. I became particularly obsessed with the rusting ironwork – fleurs-de-lis abound.

One of St. Louis Cemetery’s claims to fame is that Nicolas Cage built a tomb for himself there recently. It is a white stone pyramid, stuck right in the middle of the grounds. Looks like the symbology from “National Treasure” (both #1 and #2) really became a part of him!

More importantly, St. Louis #1 houses the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans, Madame Marie Laveau. She is supposedly interred in another family’s tomb, but a plaque has been affixed to the front to identify it for tourists. People come from all around to ask favors from Mme. Laveau and leave trinkets for her in thanks for granting their wishes. Marking a series of X’s seals the deal with Mme. Her grave had just been cleaned when we visited (apparently everything from jewelry to live chickens are left for her), so there wasn’t a lot around the tomb. However, many people believe that Mme. Laveau is buried in other tombs, and so many grave sites are decorated for her.

Tyler and I made our own wish on Marie Laveau’s tomb, left her a trinket in thanks, and marked our X’s with a brick we found on the ground. Time will tell if our wish comes true or not!



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