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Jasper at 10 Months Old

I know I just posted Jasper’s nine month photos, but those were a bit late … It is time for his ten month session already, and here it is, actually on time!

At ten months old, Jasper has five teeth, is trying to transition to one nap and driving me crazy with his inconsistencies in sleep, loves to eat (everything!), stands for a few seconds on his own, and “hugs” things he likes by lying down on them. He is so happy, so engaged, so in love with his older brother. The sibling relationship is beyond my wildest expectations; when the boys are playing together and making each other laugh, I cannot take the cuteness. The photos below of them reading together bowl me over.

Happy ten months, Jasper!



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Jasper at Nine Months

My lovely little Jasper is 9 months old. Unbelievable.

This child is so joyful; he is the happiest of happy babies. Even when he gets up too early and starts the day at 5AM, I can’t help but laugh with him as he chuckles at every page of every book we read in his room, trying not to wake anyone else! He adores his older brother and follows him around the house all day, driving a caravan of vehicles and trying to do everything August does. It is literally heartwarming to see their burgeoning sibling relationship.

Jasper had a bad bout of illness right at nine months, so we did these photos in two sessions after the first one was halted due to lack of enthusiasm on everyone’s part. He still looks a little thin to me, his discerning, worrying mother, and he did lose almost a pound while sick! But he’s bounced back and is as cute as ever. I mean, look at this face!




Big brother got into some photos, too, of course … life as the little brother is perfectly captured here. Just sitting, relaxing, while goodness knows what is going on in the background …



juliesterlingphoto_9months_0001 juliesterlingphoto_9months_0007

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August at 10 Months Old

Augie is 10 months! He is our happy, smiley guy most days. His biggest recent achievement is standing on his own! He is so proud of himself whenever he gets up – it is the cutest thing. This month he got to meet his two cousins at Thanksgiving in Chicago (yay), has had two colds (boo), and completely understands everything we’re saying to him, I’m convinced. Here he is!







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August at 9 Months Old

Augie at nine months old is a joy to be around. He is so interested in everything! He examines every little bolt, nut, and screw on his crib and stroller, the eyes of all of his stuffed animals, and each page of every book we read. He is a supreme crawler and can stand for a few seconds without falling. His favorite thing is getting up on his tiptoes to peek out his bedroom window (he has a magnificent view of the Space Needle!). He is working on his top two incisors, so that’s why he’s biting his lower lip in almost all of these photos … but he still had a few laughs for us at the end!





Most of my photos from this session looked like this one, with a super-mobile crawling sir getting right up into my face!



We love you, dear August!

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August at 5 Months Old

Our dear Augie is 5 months old! The last few weeks have brought so many changes. One day August couldn’t roll over, and the next, we couldn’t stop him from doing so! At first he was furious to find himself on his belly (tummy time has never been his favorite) and it took about a week before he stopped freaking out every time he rolled there. Now he loves to be on his stomach and even sleeps this way. His crib is a playground where he rolls over and around and around. What fun! His little arms and neck have gotten so strong, and he even manages to belly crawl/slide himself backwards so we often find him somewhere other than where we put him down if we take an eye off for a moment …

Augie wasn’t in a super smiley mood for this photoshoot (he never seems to be when I pull out the camera!) but he is still the cutest baby out there!





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Andrew at 20 Months

I love reconnecting with past clients and following families through their lives. Whether I start with an engagement and follow a couple all the way through their baby’s first year or jump in much later, it’s always fun to revisit people and watch them grow. I’ve had the pleasure to track Andrew for well over a year now, and he just keeps getting cuter! Here he is at 20 months, a sweet, laughing, toddler, enjoying the last days of summer (I’m a bit behind on some of these posts!):

Check out Andrew at 8 months – he’s grown so much!


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Families: Ollie + Max + Mom + Dad

I adore kids, so family shoots are always welcome here at Julie Sterling Photography! Ollie and Max were especially fun to spend the morning with – we stuck close to home and played in the yard, taking advantage of a lovely end-of-summer day. These siblings are so sweet with each other, and super-affectionate with Mom and Dad, too. It was a pleasure to be there with them!

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Finn, Age Three, at MIT

There’s something extra-adorable about redheaded kids! And one of my favorites is Finn;  you might recognize him from his two-year-old photos last year, and I was lucky enough to see him again this year as he turned three! Finn is one of the most polite, most intelligent, most interesting little guys I know. I always have fun with him, and this session was no exception.

The skies were a bit rainy, so we headed indoors to the MIT Media Lab, a building filled with light (and with a kid-friendly ottoman/seating area that you are allowed to color on!):

Dogaroo wanted to get his photos taken, too …

When the rain cleared up, we did manage to go down to the river and let Finn run around. Boy, does he have  a lot of energy!

Happy birthday, Finn! Thanks for spending some time with me and brightening my day!

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Jude at 3 Months Old

DC fun continued with a visit to baby Jude, a darling three-month-old who charmed the pants off me! What a guy! He was sweet and gurgly and happy and not opposed to many outfit changes. His loving parents were such a good team together, I was impressed. This family has a lot of love and I felt so lucky to be there to share the afternoon with them. Without further ado, bring on the cuteness!

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Owain at 6 months old in New Orleans

One of the best parts of our week in New Orleans was meeting up with Tyler’s brother and our sister-in-law and our nephew, Owain! You’ve may have met Owain before (he’s a star on this blog), but at 6 months old, he’s at his cutest yet!

He now eats bananas and rice cereal (and loves it):

O was quite the trooper as we walked around town. He is curious and interested in everything!

I call this series “Hanging with Uncle Tyler”:

We took a few breaks during the day at our nearby hotel; it was perfect for a rest and a diaper change for Owain.

Hotel time is perfect for making faces with Uncle Tyler …

… and playing face games in the mirror with Dad …

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

We’ve been so lucky – we’ve been able to see Owain every few months since his birth. Next up is a family trip in June when the little guy will be 11 months old. It’s too far away! Skype will have to suffice until then.

Love to O from Auntie J … XOXO, buddy!


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