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A Dinosaur Third Birthday Party

Last weekend, August turned three! As requested, we threw him a dinosaur birthday party. Grammy and Grandpop and Aunt Rachael all flew in for the occasion and we decked the house out in dino-craft ideas Pinterest so nicely provided for me (I can execute a dinosaur balloon, but I cannot dream that up on my own …). You can see my Pinterest inspiration page here; judge for yourself how we did copying it all! Thank you to all the wonderful content creators out there. August loved his party.

At three, Augie is kind, curious, smart. The questions he asks us keep us on our toes!

Here’s the three-year-old and his party:

















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A 90th Birthday Party – The St. Regis Monarch Beach

A 90th birthday brunch, what a privilege! The very elegant Mrs. Kramer celebrated the milestone with a lovely brunch at the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California. Surrounded by her family, including six great-grandchildren, she is an inspiration. Congratulations, Mrs. Kramer!






The oldest and youngest Kramer women: Emily – 15 months, Lorraine – 1,080 months.





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Seattle Babies: PEPS Group Baby Birthday Party

Everyone who has a baby in Seattle knows about the PEPS program – an acronym for “Program for Early Parenthood Support,” PEPS is a great way to meet other parents with babies the same age as yours and start to build a supportive community in your new wild world of parenting. Since I moved to Seattle last year with an almost four-month-old and didn’t know a soul with kids, PEPS was my savior. I actually did two programs, back to back!

I was thrilled when a friend of mine asked me to come and help celebrate a group birthday party for her son’s PEPS group. Seven babies, all turning one together! All the kids rumbled around happily and got to sample delicious rainbow cupcakes from Cupcake Royale (the adults took part, as well, because who can turn down cupcakes? Not this girl!) Take a look at the adorableness that is a one-year-old communal birthday party!















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August: One Year Old

And here we are, baby August is one. There’s nothing I can say about being a new parent that hasn’t already been said; all of the clichés are true. There is pain and joy and seething at the monitor when the baby squawks at 3:30am and a melting heart when he gives you your first real hug. There is frustration when he throws all of his food on the floor (again) and laughter when he beams up at you from the bath, feet kicking in the warm water. It is hard and it is fun and it is full of love.

Our boy is walking, practically running, loves anything and everything with wheels, has eight teeth in that cute little mouth, and loves all animals. He knows what he likes (light switches, refrigerator magnets, stairs, drinking water from a straw) and what he doesn’t (mostly the washing machine). He’s around 50th percentile for height and weight, but 90th for head circumference (that’s our little bobble-head!) and healthy as can be, fortunately. And here he is, at Grammy’s house in L.A. for his first birthday, wearing a crown, because I just couldn’t resist!






Augie’s birthday party was circle-themed – he is obsessed with everything circular. My sister made wonderful decorations because she is the craftiest among us, and my mom orchestrated a spread of circular foods for us all to enjoy (melon balls, grapes, caprese skewers, cucumber sandwiches, meatballs, pizza bagel bites, mini-quiches, and various circular candies), while I attempted a three-tiered cake for the adults and a giant cupcake for August. Was it the best idea to try to do a complicated cake like that for the first time the morning of the party? Perhaps not, but I don’t think it looks too, too much like a Pinterest fail … I hope … it was delicious, regardless. We had a wonderful lunch in the backyard (that’s February in Southern California!) and the obligatory one-year-old cake smash. August was a bit overwhelmed with his cupcake (it’s probably the biggest piece of food he’s ever been presented with in his life!), but with some encouragement from Grammy, he quickly got into it. Enjoy our photos of the big day – happy birthday, August!













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The Nephew on his First Birthday!

Last month we took a trip to DC for our nephew’s first birthday! How time flies … poor Owain wasn’t feeling very well so we didn’t take too many photos, but he still got to enjoy his carrot cake muffin with cream cheese frosting (as did I!)!

Happy big ONE, little guy. Whether you’ve got pants on your head, food on your face, or you’re splashing it up at the pool, you are 100% pure unadulterated adorableness. It’s been so fun to follow you through this first year.

See Owain grow up: mama’s maternity shoot @ 21 weeksmama’s maternity shoot @ 35 weeks4 weeks old4 months old6 months old

We love you!

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KK at One Year Old, Boston Public Garden

Darling baby KK just turned one! This little girl means so much to me – I used to work for her mother in my old job – and I’ve photographed her twice before, at one month old and at five months old. Now that’s she’s one, KK walks around and still has the sweetest disposition! She just melted my heart during our session – she kept toddling over to me and lifting her arms to be picked up. I had to keep running in front of her to be able to take any photos at all! What a sweetheart. Happy birthday, KK! Your parents are so lucky to have you.

And here’s one my husband took of me and my girl (thanks for being our stroller/bag watcher in the Public Garden, hubs!):


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Happy 2nd Birthday, Blog!

I can hardly believe it, but my baby is two! My blog baby, that is. Happy second birthday, blog. You’ve done a lot in the past two years, so let’s celebrate with scones! Lemon-ginger scones, to be exact. Yummers.

In two years, we’ve had 197 posts (woot woot!), 424 comments, and almost 38,000 page views!

Here’s to another fabulous year, full of fun and photography. Cheers!

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Chloe’s First Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the best! I had the honor of attending and photographing my friends’ child’s birthday party a few weeks ago, and it was a blast. Chloe has been featured here on the blog before, way back when she was baptized. She’s gotten even cuter (if that’s possible) since then! See for yourself:

I arrived early on the birthday party day to see the beautiful set up Chloe’s parents had put together. Chloe was roaming the scene, obviously excited but not fully understanding what was going on. All she really wanted to do was play with that box of crackers. I love that kids do that, play with the least toy-like thing in the room while ignoring all the actual toys. Cardboard boxes and cracker boxes = fun!

The spread was impressive: delicious tea sandwiches (some cut into hearts!), lovely little pastries, an assortment of veggies and drinks. The snacks were undeniably awesome. The room was cheerfully decorated with balloons and party favor bags, too. Everything looked great!

However amazing the space was, Chloe was obviously the main event. I followed her around and enjoyed her escapades as she visited her family members, cried over an iPhone, unwrapped some of her presents, and tried her first bite of cake. Turning one is a major event!

Happy birthday, my little friend! Thanks for having me at your party!

See Chloe’s birthday slideshow here: http://www.juliesterlingphoto.com/Chloe_sFirstBirthdaySlideshow/index.html


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Happy Birthday, Blog – You’re One!

One year ago today, I published my first post, and lo! This blog was born!

It’s been quite a year, and I want to thank you all for coming along with me. Let’s hope for an even better year with even more photography in the year to come!

A quick recap of May 12, 2010 – May 12, 2011:

  • 104 posts (including this one!), which means an average of exactly 2 posts per week (I’m very precise)
  • 178 comments (not bad, but don’t be shy, my friends!)
  • 600+ images shared
  • almost 14,000 page views!

In honor of dear bloggie’s birthday, I made a cake:

It was delish!

I was going to make a really frou-frou, chocolatey, icing-rich cake with gumdrops and sparkles and all that, but I’m trying to control my sweet tooth a bit lately, and though 10 tablespoons of butter does not a healthy cake make, apples help, right? So, apple cake it was! Brown sugar, lemon juice, apples, and a buttery batter = YUMMERS.

I love baking (much more than cooking) and what better way to celebrate a year of photography than some food photos and a nice snack?

Here’s to another year, blog!


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Eli’s Bar Mitzvah Weekend in L.A.

My step-brother and I are almost exactly fourteen years apart, both born on special days in March (he on Pi Day, the infamous 3.14, I on St. Patty’s), and last weekend we both had birthday celebrations! His was a bit more spectacular than mine, however, as it was his Bar Mitzvah!

I flew into L.A. for the occasion, of course, and was so happy to be the “official” photographer for the Friday night service and dinner party before the big shebang on Saturday. And what a shebang it was! Eli absolutely rocked the service, which was followed by an amazing lunch at Upstairs 2, which was followed by some napping time back at the house (at least for me, Tyler, and my sisters), which was followed by an awesome party at 8443 Warner (including an airbrush tattoo artist — what’s up skull and crossbones on my arm! — the In-n-Out truck, and lots of dancing). What fun! Nothing beats a Bar Mitzvah dance party. NOTHING.

But first, there was Friday night, starring the man of the weekend, my brother, Eli:Us sisters were so proud he chose to wear the kippah we brought him from our Israel trip last summer. He loves Sprite, as you can see:

Eli is such a cool customer and wasn’t nervous at all. Or was he? The only sign was a bit of tension in his hands, but other than that, you couldn’t tell at all!

I really enjoyed being home in L.A. to share this special occasion with my bro. It was so great to see the whole family, too! Here’s a shot, courtesy of my husband, of part of my family in our Friday night best (sisters, bro, step-mom, dad, and me!):

After the Friday night service, we went for a celebratory dinner party at the Brentwood Country Club. Yummers! I got to practice my event photography skills there. It was a night of toasts and tearful speeches, and I loved it all!

Congrats, Eli, and mazel tov! You are amazing and I love you.

I’m now catching up on sleep after my red-eye back east, from which I went straight to school on Monday morning, but it was absolutely worth it and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

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