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A Dinosaur Third Birthday Party

Last weekend, August turned three! As requested, we threw him a dinosaur birthday party. Grammy and Grandpop and Aunt Rachael all flew in for the occasion and we decked the house out in dino-craft ideas Pinterest so nicely provided for me (I can execute a dinosaur balloon, but I cannot dream that up on my own …). You can see my Pinterest inspiration page here; judge for yourself how we did copying it all! Thank you to all the wonderful content creators out there. August loved his party.

At three, Augie is kind, curious, smart. The questions he asks us keep us on our toes!

Here’s the three-year-old and his party:

















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Wedding: Molly & John at Overbrook House, Bourne, Cape Cod

Molly and John put on an absolutely magical day at the Overbrook House in Bourne. So much thought and love went into this event, I felt truly lucky to be a part of it! Both bride and groom are chefs, so needless to say, all the edibles were delicious. Add that to a setting that exudes nothing but whimsy and romance and you have a wedding to remember! But first, Molly’s lovely details, including a bouquet with a feather from her favorite rooster who used to live on her friend’s farm; the rooster is also a symbol of John’s Portuguese heritage, so it is extra-meaningful to them!

And because it takes the ladies a bit longer to prepare than the gents, the boys got to play some croquet on the lawn while they waited!

The ceremony took place beneath a large oak tree on the property, and pumpkins and sunflowers abounded! The symbol of the acorn was incorporated into many aspects of the day; Molly’s mother had recently found two acorns fused together, and just by chance, the acorn was already the theme of their invitations! Molly also wrote a poem about acorns which a friend read during the ceremony, and the mothers participated in a planting of that special double-acorn for the couple. It was all so lovely and personal and fit well into the farm atmosphere of Overbrook.

(Was that not the cutest I’m-so-excited-I just-got-married hop you’ve ever seen?)

The Overbrook House grounds are full of romantic, beautiful spots for portraits, and we took full advantage of all of them! Molly and John are so in love, it was easy to capture it photographically. They are also a hilarious, spunky duo, so we got some quirky shots in, too, including a fake “interrupted by the paparazzi” sequence, balancing on a diving board, and a guest’s idea, “floating away with balloons” – both the serious lovey-dovey shots and the absurd ones were so much fun! I could have spent all day wandering the property with these two …

Molly and John had a full day of fun planned for their guests. First up, a delectable lunch. Then, a trek through the trees to a reception in the barn. Everything was beyond beautiful!

Molly and John, you could not be a sweeter couple and it could not have been a better day. Thank you for having me be a part of your day. It was gorgeous in every way!

Venue: Overbrook House, Bourne, MA

Florist: Bourne Florists

Catering: Soulfire BBQ

Cake and Desserts: Cakes by Nickia, Babycakes and Confections

Music: The Goodtime String Band

Hair: Kaitlyn McAllister of Salon Cu


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Chloe’s First Birthday Party

Birthday parties are the best! I had the honor of attending and photographing my friends’ child’s birthday party a few weeks ago, and it was a blast. Chloe has been featured here on the blog before, way back when she was baptized. She’s gotten even cuter (if that’s possible) since then! See for yourself:

I arrived early on the birthday party day to see the beautiful set up Chloe’s parents had put together. Chloe was roaming the scene, obviously excited but not fully understanding what was going on. All she really wanted to do was play with that box of crackers. I love that kids do that, play with the least toy-like thing in the room while ignoring all the actual toys. Cardboard boxes and cracker boxes = fun!

The spread was impressive: delicious tea sandwiches (some cut into hearts!), lovely little pastries, an assortment of veggies and drinks. The snacks were undeniably awesome. The room was cheerfully decorated with balloons and party favor bags, too. Everything looked great!

However amazing the space was, Chloe was obviously the main event. I followed her around and enjoyed her escapades as she visited her family members, cried over an iPhone, unwrapped some of her presents, and tried her first bite of cake. Turning one is a major event!

Happy birthday, my little friend! Thanks for having me at your party!

See Chloe’s birthday slideshow here: http://www.juliesterlingphoto.com/Chloe_sFirstBirthdaySlideshow/index.html


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