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Jasper at Nine Months

My lovely little Jasper is 9 months old. Unbelievable.

This child is so joyful; he is the happiest of happy babies. Even when he gets up too early and starts the day at 5AM, I can’t help but laugh with him as he chuckles at every page of every book we read in his room, trying not to wake anyone else! He adores his older brother and follows him around the house all day, driving a caravan of vehicles and trying to do everything August does. It is literally heartwarming to see their burgeoning sibling relationship.

Jasper had a bad bout of illness right at nine months, so we did these photos in two sessions after the first one was halted due to lack of enthusiasm on everyone’s part. He still looks a little thin to me, his discerning, worrying mother, and he did lose almost a pound while sick! But he’s bounced back and is as cute as ever. I mean, look at this face!




Big brother got into some photos, too, of course … life as the little brother is perfectly captured here. Just sitting, relaxing, while goodness knows what is going on in the background …



juliesterlingphoto_9months_0001 juliesterlingphoto_9months_0007


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August at 10 Months Old

Augie is 10 months! He is our happy, smiley guy most days. His biggest recent achievement is standing on his own! He is so proud of himself whenever he gets up – it is the cutest thing. This month he got to meet his two cousins at Thanksgiving in Chicago (yay), has had two colds (boo), and completely understands everything we’re saying to him, I’m convinced. Here he is!







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August at 8 Months Old

Another month gone by, and baby August is 8 months old! Time is flying. Our little guy is really fun these days. He cannot sit still, except to read his five favorite books over and over and over and over … The rest of the time he is all over the place, crawling and pulling up to stand on everything. His two front teeth are starting to come in and the drool-fest continues! His favorite foods are prunes, cheese, and anything mixed with yogurt. He knows the word “kitty-cat” and looks around for ours whenever I say it!

Bring on the cuteness, you say? Don’t mind if I do!








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August at 5 Months Old

Our dear Augie is 5 months old! The last few weeks have brought so many changes. One day August couldn’t roll over, and the next, we couldn’t stop him from doing so! At first he was furious to find himself on his belly (tummy time has never been his favorite) and it took about a week before he stopped freaking out every time he rolled there. Now he loves to be on his stomach and even sleeps this way. His crib is a playground where he rolls over and around and around. What fun! His little arms and neck have gotten so strong, and he even manages to belly crawl/slide himself backwards so we often find him somewhere other than where we put him down if we take an eye off for a moment …

Augie wasn’t in a super smiley mood for this photoshoot (he never seems to be when I pull out the camera!) but he is still the cutest baby out there!





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Introducing: Baby August!

It’s been over six weeks since my last post, but I have the best excuse there is … introducing baby August!




He is amazing (and time-consuming, hence no posts!). His newborn photoshoot at one week old was a hilarious few hours of disaster and beauty! I’ve never had a more difficult newborn session than with my own kid. All he wanted to do was eat! We actually had to delay taking any photographs for almost two hours because he just kept nursing. And when we finally did get started, he peed everywhere the second I took off his diaper. So, the diaper stayed on for the remainder of the shoot! He was still a stellar subject, of course, and too cute not to photograph.

My wonderful husband took these winning shots in the hospital on the day Augie was born:


I especially love how zen he looks in his first bath!

We’ve been enjoying our boy at home and have loved having a bevy of visitors and helpers in these early weeks. I cannot believe the little guy is already six weeks old! Here he is, looking much more mature in his one-month photos:


Parents everywhere – hire a photographer for your new bundle of joy! It is so worth it to have these precious images, reminders of this wondrous, challenging, and above all, fleeting period in your life.

I’ll get back to work soon enough, but for now, it’s just me and my little family, getting to know each other better every day.

Love, Julie


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Baby Liam at 8 Weeks

Take a look at this little guy: Liam, age eight weeks. What an angel!

This is one smiley, happy baby. With wonderful. loving parents like his, of course he’s happy! This is such a sweet family and I had so much fun meeting them and photographing them in their home (with all its fabulous window light) for holiday portraits.

Liam tolerated all his outfit changes very well, and was easily pacified by a few feedings in between. We had so much fun posing him!

Thanks for spending time with me, little Liam and family. It was a wonderful afternoon!

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