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August – 18 Months

I took Augie’s 18 month photos while we vacationed on the Olympic Peninsula. He loved the beach, the woods and “hiking” (i.e. walking on a little path to a clearing), and blueberry picking. There must be an innate foraging instinct within us; Augs was a natural in the blueberry fields and ate more than he put in our bucket. At a year and a half, his great love is being outdoors, matched only by reading books. His language is incredible – he says hundreds of words and phrases and can follow instructions to the letter (though he doesn’t always choose to!). And … his hair has gotten curly! Here he is!


















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Baby Brianna at the Beach – Ogunquit, Maine

What is better than a day at the beach with a cute 18-month-old and her lovely parents? To me, nothing! I had a fabulous time with Brianna and her parents in Ogunquit, Maine last week. The early evening was the perfect time for photos, and we just managed to beat a huge rainstorm; everything turned out so well in the end!

Brianna is one of the cutest little toddlers I know – just look at those baby blues!

All she wanted to do was put sand on my feet, so I had to do a complicated little dance in the surf to stay in front of her (and it didn’t always work!).

Brianna is such a happy kid! She was so much fun to spend time with. We got lucky on the shore when the setting sun shone through the clouds for a brief, spectacular moment of light:

Aren’t they a wonderful family?

We took a break from the beach when the sky began to look really threatening and walked up closer to the cute Anchorage by the Sea Resort to continue our photoshoot. Brianna made a host of wonderful faces along the way:

The sloping lawns and gazebos of Anchorage by the Sea were a lovely setting for a family portrait:

Altogether, it was a fabulous session.

Thank you, Brianna, for spending part of your summer vacation with me!

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