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Jasper at 10 Months Old

I know I just posted Jasper’s nine month photos, but those were a bit late … It is time for his ten month session already, and here it is, actually on time!

At ten months old, Jasper has five teeth, is trying to transition to one nap and driving me crazy with his inconsistencies in sleep, loves to eat (everything!), stands for a few seconds on his own, and “hugs” things he likes by lying down on them. He is so happy, so engaged, so in love with his older brother. The sibling relationship is beyond my wildest expectations; when the boys are playing together and making each other laugh, I cannot take the cuteness. The photos below of them reading together bowl me over.

Happy ten months, Jasper!



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August at 10 Months Old

Augie is 10 months! He is our happy, smiley guy most days. His biggest recent achievement is standing on his own! He is so proud of himself whenever he gets up – it is the cutest thing. This month he got to meet his two cousins at Thanksgiving in Chicago (yay), has had two colds (boo), and completely understands everything we’re saying to him, I’m convinced. Here he is!







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