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Jasper at 10 Months Old

I know I just posted Jasper’s nine month photos, but those were a bit late … It is time for his ten month session already, and here it is, actually on time!

At ten months old, Jasper has five teeth, is trying to transition to one nap and driving me crazy with his inconsistencies in sleep, loves to eat (everything!), stands for a few seconds on his own, and “hugs” things he likes by lying down on them. He is so happy, so engaged, so in love with his older brother. The sibling relationship is beyond my wildest expectations; when the boys are playing together and making each other laugh, I cannot take the cuteness. The photos below of them reading together bowl me over.

Happy ten months, Jasper!



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A Dinosaur Third Birthday Party

Last weekend, August turned three! As requested, we threw him a dinosaur birthday party. Grammy and Grandpop and Aunt Rachael all flew in for the occasion and we decked the house out in dino-craft ideas Pinterest so nicely provided for me (I can execute a dinosaur balloon, but I cannot dream that up on my own …). You can see my Pinterest inspiration page here; judge for yourself how we did copying it all! Thank you to all the wonderful content creators out there. August loved his party.

At three, Augie is kind, curious, smart. The questions he asks us keep us on our toes!

Here’s the three-year-old and his party:
















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Jasper at Nine Months

My lovely little Jasper is 9 months old. Unbelievable.

This child is so joyful; he is the happiest of happy babies. Even when he gets up too early and starts the day at 5AM, I can’t help but laugh with him as he chuckles at every page of every book we read in his room, trying not to wake anyone else! He adores his older brother and follows him around the house all day, driving a caravan of vehicles and trying to do everything August does. It is literally heartwarming to see their burgeoning sibling relationship.

Jasper had a bad bout of illness right at nine months, so we did these photos in two sessions after the first one was halted due to lack of enthusiasm on everyone’s part. He still looks a little thin to me, his discerning, worrying mother, and he did lose almost a pound while sick! But he’s bounced back and is as cute as ever. I mean, look at this face!




Big brother got into some photos, too, of course … life as the little brother is perfectly captured here. Just sitting, relaxing, while goodness knows what is going on in the background …



juliesterlingphoto_9months_0001 juliesterlingphoto_9months_0007

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2015: A Personal Recap

So, I’ve not been the best at keeping up with blogging (obviously). Motherhood has taken over my life at this point and lots of things have fallen by the wayside. This does not mean I haven’t been taking any pictures, however! I take loads of those, and still have had clients this year that I plan on sharing with you here, but first, a personal recap of 2015 is in order. It was a good year. Brace yourselves for a very long post, and lots of pictures of my (cute) children…

When I left you last, I had Augie, age 21 months. I now have Augie, almost THREE years old AND baby brother Jasper, eight months. How did we get here?

Well, first, 2015 began …


Then, darling Augie turned TWO, and we had an incredible owl-themed birthday party, per his request. Thank goodness for Pinterest and my interest in being crafty, plus my endlessly creative sister visiting for the occasion. It was such fun! Highlights included the owl pineapple, owl pretzels, (non-owl) cakes, owl hanging lanterns, owl balloons and other decorations (we saved toilet paper rolls for months to make some cute little guys), and owl treat bags. And one adorable two-year-old in an owl shirt, of course!


(To my mother’s horror, I got up on the railing while pregnant. It’s only a few feet down!)


This next photo encapsulates how we all feel after a big party, right?


At this point in the year, I was heavily pregnant (as you can see above!). Chronicling pregnancy is one of my favorite photo jobs, and photographing my own pregnancies has been fun and meaningful for me. The lighting models I used each week are seriously cute, too! Here are a few of my favorites from my pregnancy with Jasper (how I wish I’d chosen a long-sleeved shirt for my photo outfit; I was often freezing during these quick shoots!):


My good friend Marcy did a professional photoshoot with me and my little family at Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park when I was 37 weeks along. I love having these shots of the three of us, just weeks before our world changed forever.


And then I was 39 weeks and ready to be done with it!


A few days after those last two shots, Jasper was born! My labor was relatively quick and easy (two hours and forty minutes of active labor and eleven minutes of pushing) and I actually thought to myself afterwards, ‘I could do that again!’ What a relief to have it over with, though!

And just like that, we welcomed Jasper into our family. He was born on April 23rd, weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces at 18 inches long. What a sweet, sweet baby he was and is.


In keeping with my reputation as an incessant record-keeper, I have been doing monthly photos of Jasper. Here he is at one through eight months. His 2015 has been a wonderful progression from lovable little blob of baby to crawling, cruising, smiling, laughing baby! He is an amazing little guy, full of personality and opinions already. Augie has taken to being a big brother well, though of course he occasionally struggles with it. My favorite moments as a mother of two have been when the boys are making each other laugh, just cracking each other up. I see a lifetime of friendship ahead for them and it makes me so happy.


Somewhere in there (well, in his month of August!), August turned two and a half! We were on vacation with my in-laws in Michigan and used the corn and apple fields to our advantage for his pictures:


Whew. Still with me?

This brings us to current day. Wishing you a happy and healthy 2016, full of photographs, from me and mine to you and yours! I promise to do better with blogging this year!



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Family fall fun, and Augie at (almost) 21 months

Can we all agree that fall, and Halloween, are the best? This fall we had a ton of fun with Augie, now almost 21 months, at Craven Farm, picking out pumpkins, playing on trucks and tractors, visiting animals, and enjoying the weather. His BFF Logan makes an appearance in these photos, too – Logan and his family are moving just a few blocks away from us and I am so excited that these boys will be growing up together!

At 21 months, Augie talks up a storm. His comprehension and vocabulary astound me! His loves remain trucks (really, anything with wheels), books, balls, and stuffed animals. He loves his music class and a kids gymnastics class, but is equally happy driving cars around our house.

For Halloween, my sister made him an owl costume. It is the most beautiful thing ever and August was adorable in it. He spent the whole day saying, “Whoo whooooo,” “trick-or-treat,” “happy Halloween,” and “búho costume!” (Búho is Spanish for owl.) Halloween also gave us the opportunity to sport a family costume with Tyler as the tree, me as the nest, and Augs as our little búho – and we have a little family announcement to make, as well, about what’s in momma owl’s nest these days … scroll to the bottom of the post to find out!













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August – 18 Months

I took Augie’s 18 month photos while we vacationed on the Olympic Peninsula. He loved the beach, the woods and “hiking” (i.e. walking on a little path to a clearing), and blueberry picking. There must be an innate foraging instinct within us; Augs was a natural in the blueberry fields and ate more than he put in our bucket. At a year and a half, his great love is being outdoors, matched only by reading books. His language is incredible – he says hundreds of words and phrases and can follow instructions to the letter (though he doesn’t always choose to!). And … his hair has gotten curly! Here he is!

















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August at 15 Months

I’m trying not to be too, too crazy as a first-time mom, so I’ve scaled back my monthly photos of August to every three months, now that he’s passed his year birthday. Still crazy? I’ll take it!

This little darling is 15 months old now, blonder than ever, starting to talk, and running! He remains obsessed with books and all things with wheels, as evidenced by the Brio train in his hand in many of these. Here we are in Parsons Garden in Seattle, and then at home having a snack. Enjoy!









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August: One Year Old

And here we are, baby August is one. There’s nothing I can say about being a new parent that hasn’t already been said; all of the clichés are true. There is pain and joy and seething at the monitor when the baby squawks at 3:30am and a melting heart when he gives you your first real hug. There is frustration when he throws all of his food on the floor (again) and laughter when he beams up at you from the bath, feet kicking in the warm water. It is hard and it is fun and it is full of love.

Our boy is walking, practically running, loves anything and everything with wheels, has eight teeth in that cute little mouth, and loves all animals. He knows what he likes (light switches, refrigerator magnets, stairs, drinking water from a straw) and what he doesn’t (mostly the washing machine). He’s around 50th percentile for height and weight, but 90th for head circumference (that’s our little bobble-head!) and healthy as can be, fortunately. And here he is, at Grammy’s house in L.A. for his first birthday, wearing a crown, because I just couldn’t resist!






Augie’s birthday party was circle-themed – he is obsessed with everything circular. My sister made wonderful decorations because she is the craftiest among us, and my mom orchestrated a spread of circular foods for us all to enjoy (melon balls, grapes, caprese skewers, cucumber sandwiches, meatballs, pizza bagel bites, mini-quiches, and various circular candies), while I attempted a three-tiered cake for the adults and a giant cupcake for August. Was it the best idea to try to do a complicated cake like that for the first time the morning of the party? Perhaps not, but I don’t think it looks too, too much like a Pinterest fail … I hope … it was delicious, regardless. We had a wonderful lunch in the backyard (that’s February in Southern California!) and the obligatory one-year-old cake smash. August was a bit overwhelmed with his cupcake (it’s probably the biggest piece of food he’s ever been presented with in his life!), but with some encouragement from Grammy, he quickly got into it. Enjoy our photos of the big day – happy birthday, August!













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August at 11 Months Old

Well, we’re a bit late with these photos, but that’s life with an 11-month-old! Right? I’m glad I waited to do this set, actually, because my sister was in town and Augie was in a great mood and the results are a hysterical, laughing, smiley guy, loving responding to Aunt Rachael and playing with his latest favorite toy, the space heater (don’t worry, it’s totally kid safe, not hot to the touch, no way to get fingers in there, etc…).

At 11 months, Augie roars whenever he sees a lion in a book, waves hello and goodbye to everyone/everything, mimics all our sounds, has learned to point and vocalize “ooh, ooh!” when he wants something (and doesn’t stop until he gets it!), and is a very funny, sweet little guy. He took his first steps a few days after Christmas, but still mostly stands and cruises and is a crawling machine! We love him to pieces.







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August at 10 Months Old

Augie is 10 months! He is our happy, smiley guy most days. His biggest recent achievement is standing on his own! He is so proud of himself whenever he gets up – it is the cutest thing. This month he got to meet his two cousins at Thanksgiving in Chicago (yay), has had two colds (boo), and completely understands everything we’re saying to him, I’m convinced. Here he is!







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