August: One Year Old

And here we are, baby August is one. There’s nothing I can say about being a new parent that hasn’t already been said; all of the clichés are true. There is pain and joy and seething at the monitor when the baby squawks at 3:30am and a melting heart when he gives you your first real hug. There is frustration when he throws all of his food on the floor (again) and laughter when he beams up at you from the bath, feet kicking in the warm water. It is hard and it is fun and it is full of love.

Our boy is walking, practically running, loves anything and everything with wheels, has eight teeth in that cute little mouth, and loves all animals. He knows what he likes (light switches, refrigerator magnets, stairs, drinking water from a straw) and what he doesn’t (mostly the washing machine). He’s around 50th percentile for height and weight, but 90th for head circumference (that’s our little bobble-head!) and healthy as can be, fortunately. And here he is, at Grammy’s house in L.A. for his first birthday, wearing a crown, because I just couldn’t resist!






Augie’s birthday party was circle-themed – he is obsessed with everything circular. My sister made wonderful decorations because she is the craftiest among us, and my mom orchestrated a spread of circular foods for us all to enjoy (melon balls, grapes, caprese skewers, cucumber sandwiches, meatballs, pizza bagel bites, mini-quiches, and various circular candies), while I attempted a three-tiered cake for the adults and a giant cupcake for August. Was it the best idea to try to do a complicated cake like that for the first time the morning of the party? Perhaps not, but I don’t think it looks too, too much like a Pinterest fail … I hope … it was delicious, regardless. We had a wonderful lunch in the backyard (that’s February in Southern California!) and the obligatory one-year-old cake smash. August was a bit overwhelmed with his cupcake (it’s probably the biggest piece of food he’s ever been presented with in his life!), but with some encouragement from Grammy, he quickly got into it. Enjoy our photos of the big day – happy birthday, August!














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5 responses to “August: One Year Old

  1. Erin Beloin

    Love these pictures, Julie! If only we could have made it to the party!!! He is such a handsome little man, and looks like he’s got quite the personality too! Hope you guys are loving your life out on the West Coast- would love to reunite before August gets too much bigger!

  2. Jeanne Wells

    I just love all the photos. Julie, now you know what I mean when I say to new moms, enjoy every single moment — they grow up way too fast. August is the brightest, cutest little one year old. Of course, my favorite photo is the one where he’s making a funny face and pointing his finger straight ahead. “Step back from the cake……step real far back.” Or, “Uncle Sam wants you!! And grandma, you just keep shoving that cake in his mouth. That’s what we’re supposed to do. Of course, Diego is now saying, I don’t want to eat junk food anymore! Shoving a piece of celery at him is just not as fun.

    You all look wonderful. Thanks for sharing his First Birthday. Love, Jeanne

  3. Evan

    Most excellent number of circles on that food table.

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