August at 11 Months Old

Well, we’re a bit late with these photos, but that’s life with an 11-month-old! Right? I’m glad I waited to do this set, actually, because my sister was in town and Augie was in a great mood and the results are a hysterical, laughing, smiley guy, loving responding to Aunt Rachael and playing with his latest favorite toy, the space heater (don’t worry, it’s totally kid safe, not hot to the touch, no way to get fingers in there, etc…).

At 11 months, Augie roars whenever he sees a lion in a book, waves hello and goodbye to everyone/everything, mimics all our sounds, has learned to point and vocalize “ooh, ooh!” when he wants something (and doesn’t stop until he gets it!), and is a very funny, sweet little guy. He took his first steps a few days after Christmas, but still mostly stands and cruises and is a crawling machine! We love him to pieces.








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  1. Jeanne Wells

    There are never enough pictures……….I want more!! He is the best and then some. Lucky grammy. Lucky mom!! Jeanne

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