August at 6 Months Old

We are celebrating a whole half year with our little guy! It has been both the fastest and shortest six month period in my life … someone said to me that life with a baby is “the longest shortest time” and I could not agree more. Everything has changed for us since August’s arrival in February. EVERYTHING. And it has been difficult (sleeplessness is so hard!) and it has been wonderful (baby giggles are the best!) and life is so contradictory, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

We’ve been in Seattle for two months now and I think we are finally finding our groove. We have some mom friends, we have some baby friends, we got a car so we can get around, we actually go out and DO get around …! Things are going well.

Through it all, Augie has been and is an amazing baby. He definitely has his likes and dislikes (loves to nurse, hates trying solids so far, loves the bath, hates naps, loves being in the carrier with me, hates bottles) but is far more flexible than we give him credit for and has a great disposition. He handled a trip to Italy like a champ, napping on the go, charming Italians everywhere we traveled. Back at home, he is still a rolling-boy extraordinaire, going all ways over and over and getting across the room with a combo of rolling and scooting on his stomach. He is soooooo close to crawling; he gets up on his knees, rocks back and forth, and even moves a knee or two forward, only to fall forward on his face since he hasn’t figured out how to coordinate his arms with it. He can almost sit on his own, as well, and two teeth have popped through! So much is happening! Even with all the action, Augie is consistently our laughing, smiling guy who alternates between pure happiness and stoic observation, staring at everything intently. He takes it ALL in.

So, without further ado, here is the boy himself at six months old!


Here you get a teeny tiny glimpse of one of those teeth … :


Here he’s thinking, “Dad needs a haircut!”




I feel lucky to get to live with this level of cuteness on a daily basis!

See Augie’s progression from newborn to almost crawling:

5 months

4 months

3 months

2 months

Meet August



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3 responses to “August at 6 Months Old

  1. Jeanne Wells

    How can one baby have so many cute expressions. He is a doll and I know a joy too. August is a jewel. It goes by so fast you really have to “stop and smell the baby.” By now he may already be crawling….he was definitely getting ready. Sitting too is right there. My very favorite baby age is 6 months. Enjoy.

    Congratulations on the move to Seattle. I have no doubt that your business will flourish there. And, of course, it’s nice to have you “out west.”

    Hope to see August in person one of these days. Love, Jeanne P.S. Diego will be six on August 10. See, it really does go by fast.


  2. Love these monthly updates! While I do catch glimpses of you in his face, he seems to be all Tyler these days. Looks like he is one happy baby! Good job!

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