August at 5 Months Old

Our dear Augie is 5 months old! The last few weeks have brought so many changes. One day August couldn’t roll over, and the next, we couldn’t stop him from doing so! At first he was furious to find himself on his belly (tummy time has never been his favorite) and it took about a week before he stopped freaking out every time he rolled there. Now he loves to be on his stomach and even sleeps this way. His crib is a playground where he rolls over and around and around. What fun! His little arms and neck have gotten so strong, and he even manages to belly crawl/slide himself backwards so we often find him somewhere other than where we put him down if we take an eye off for a moment …

Augie wasn’t in a super smiley mood for this photoshoot (he never seems to be when I pull out the camera!) but he is still the cutest baby out there!






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2 responses to “August at 5 Months Old

  1. Jeanne Wells

    I love them all, but the ones with you and Augie together are special. Keep on enjoying ever y day.


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