August at 4 Months Old

Month four! August has had a lot of changes in the past few weeks … but he’s handling them all pretty well. We packed our bags and said a tearful goodbye to Boston, spent a week in California (where Augie was fawned over like no baby I’ve ever seen before!), a weekend in Minnesota, and have finally arrived in Seattle. We are exploring our new hometown little by little, while still trying to implement a nap schedule. Grrrr … this is a bit difficult! Also, who in Seattle wants to be our friend? We need friends!


These days Augie likes kicking everything, putting his hands and other objects in his mouth, reading books (he’s very attentive), almost rolling (but not quite), laughing and smiling, and watching the cats run around. What a sweetheart!




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5 responses to “August at 4 Months Old

  1. Jeanne Wells

    Julie, if it’s possible, Augie gets more beautiful every month.  What a gorgeous child.  I hope things get settled in Seattle.  It’s a really nice city…..and much closer to all of us down here.  The best to you, Jeanne


    • Thanks, Jeanne! He is a beautiful boy! We are getting settled in Seattle … we’re working on getting Augie to sleep in his crib now that he has his own room. My mom is coming to visit this month and I’ll be down in LA in August (with August!) so we’re getting some good family time!

  2. Beth

    He looks a little like you as a baby!

  3. Julie he is freaking gorgeous!

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