Andrew at 20 Months

I love reconnecting with past clients and following families through their lives. Whether I start with an engagement and follow a couple all the way through their baby’s first year or jump in much later, it’s always fun to revisit people and watch them grow. I’ve had the pleasure to track Andrew for well over a year now, and he just keeps getting cuter! Here he is at 20 months, a sweet, laughing, toddler, enjoying the last days of summer (I’m a bit behind on some of these posts!):

Check out Andrew at 8 months – he’s grown so much!



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2 responses to “Andrew at 20 Months

  1. Good to find an expert who knows what he’s taiklng about!

  2. Awesome blast from the past with trip down SS–thanks 😉 And co-confession coming through: my kids have no idea who Big Bird is. We never watch SS either–I think this is a definite fail for me as a parent…;)

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