Maternity: Daniela at 35 Weeks at MIT, Cambridge

I had the privilege of spending the day with Daniela and Felipe a few weeks ago – Dani was 35 weeks pregnant at the time, and now that her due date is just over a week away, I thought I should get these pictures up before baby Ema arrives! I loved the feel of this photoshoot! It was almost like an engagement session with all the love and adoration palpable between a couple, but this had the added emotion of an upcoming baby. We took our time on this hot July day to meander around the MIT Campus, taking plenty of stops for water and rest. We hit up the MIT Media Lab, the Gehry-designed Stata Center, the MIT Boathouse, and more … I always love a college or university campus for a session!

These two are going to be great parents. I cannot wait to meet Ema! Congrats, Felipe and Daniela!



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