Win & Veena’s Washington, DC Engagement

I recently visited Washington, DC to celebrate my nephew’s very first birthday and see family, but along the way, I got to meet and photograph some very lovely people! Included in this group were Veena and Win who are getting married this fall. They are a great couple with a very fun story of how they met; though they attended college together, they didn’t really know each other there. It was at their fifth college reunion that they reconnected, and the rest is history! We started off in the city near their home in Logan Circle. I love the architecture and streets of DC, so I couldn’t have been happier wandering their neighborhood. Take a look!

After a brief rain shower and hiding under a staircase until it passed (and a beautiful rainbow afterwards), we changed location to a place that has a lot of meaning to Veena and Win: the National Cathedral, the site of Win’s proposal. We even visited the exact same spot (and did a little dip and everything!)!

The National Cathedral is such a beautiful place. From lush gardens to glorious arches, there’s so much to use photographically. We walked all around the perimeter and enjoyed!

Congratulations, Veena and Win! I hope you have a wonderful wedding this fall and I wish you all the best. Thanks for having me be a part of your day – I had a great time!


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