Florida Fun: Vizcaya

Amidst wedding madness and taking in the view, Tyler and I spent a day at Vizcaya while we were in Miami. Vizcaya is now a museum, but was once the estate of industrial bajillionaire James Deering in the early part of the 20th century. The mansion is incredible; it was built to look old and monied even when it was new. Unfortunately, interior photographs were not allowed, but I took full advantage of photographing the grounds with their endless gardens and seaside promenades.

We arrived at Vizcaya on the Miami metro (very convenient) and traversed a covered walkway across the highway before entering a wilderness of greenery. It was like entering another world:

There was lots of rustling in the forest as we walked a winding path to the estate – it turned out to be hundreds of little lizards!

Tyler and I had our own little photoshoot throughout our visit to Vizcaya – the estate was too gorgeous not to. I just so happened to be wearing the perfect color to coordinate with the pink stone throughout the gardens!

The ocean front of the main house looks out onto a beautiful bay; a stone barge sits about twenty feet off shore and can be accessed on foot during low tide. How romantic!

An orchid garden abuts the main house and statuary is everywhere:

While we were touring the grounds, we saw no fewer than three quinceñera photoshoots taking place and one wedding portrait session and you can see why! Of course Vizcaya is the go-to location for a beautiful photo setting. I would LOVE to shoot portraits of any kind here. It is just so lovely! I highly recommend a visit to anyone and everyone coming through Miami.



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  1. You are gorgeous girl! Love these!

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