Happy Pi Day – with Pie (of course)!

I take every opportunity to celebrate with food – baked goods, to be specific. What better day to celebrate than Pi Day (3.14, TODAY)? And what better baked good to celebrate with than PIE? Oh, homonyms.

Here is my rendition of Apple Custard Pie from the legendary Moosewood Cookbook:

It’s pretty healthy as pies go – made with yogurt and eggs and brown sugar and apples – that’s about it! Milton Cat was interested, but was not given a piece.

3.14 is also my little brother’s birthday – happy 14th, Eels! It’s your GOLDEN birthday, too (turning 14 on the 14th and so on), so it’s going to be a good one. Yay! Love you. And I love pie.



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5 responses to “Happy Pi Day – with Pie (of course)!

  1. What beautiful photos!! lovely!!

  2. Fantastic photography! Thank you for sharing!

  3. This pie was delicious. Thanks for baking it, Julie, and thanks Mom and Dad for the Moosewood book!

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