My Talented Sister: Rae Sterling

My two sisters are extremely lovely and talented and I love them both to pieces! While home over the holidays, I had fun photographing Rachael, my middle sister, also known as Rae Sterling. She is an amazing singer and songwriter and we had a backyard photoshoot hoping to get some images for her to use professionally, but mostly just for fun!

Here she is!

As you can see, she plays ukulele (and guitar) and is so so so good! I just wish I lived closer so that I could go to all her shows.

Then Rach got very creative and made a little scene against the back of our house and put herself in the middle of it. So fun, so her.

One of Rachael’s most popular songs is called “Owl Girl” – hence the owl and tree setup, and her mask. She drew them all herself (Rae’s a great artist in addition to her musical talents), of course. Love it!

Check out Rae’s songs – she’s the best! And here’s “Owl Girl” for your enjoyment:


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