New Orleans: Metairie Cemetery

Our adventures in New Orleans cemeteries continue! After crowded, ornate, ancient St. Louis Cemetery #1, we visited sprawling, extra-ornate, slightly less ancient Metairie Cemetery at the end of the Canal Street line. It is really something to ride an old streetcar to an old cemetery and wander around …

Metairie Cemetery was built on the remains of a racetrack, so its monuments are arranged in concentric circles around the expansive grounds. The most elaborate tombs in the city are here; there is even a “Millionaires Row” where each plot and monument cost $1,000,000+ to build.

Still, most tombs are in a state of quiet disrepair – statuary is cracked, plant life is overtaking the marble, gates are rusty, graves bulge ominously …

After much searching, we found the Angel of Grief, or the Weeping Angel, one of the cemetery’s more famous monuments. Locked inside a mausoleum, the statue is modeled after one in The Protestant Cemetery in Rome:

I am terrified of all weeping angels because of Doctor Who – long story short, my sister Sarah was raving about Doctor Who and choose the Weeping Angel episode as the first one to show me; I couldn’t bring myself to watch another because I was so scared. She finally convinced me to take another look and showed me the one with the mannequins come to life and I couldn’t handle that either. That was the end for me and Doctor Who. For all that I love cemeteries, I don’t think they’re really scary and I am a scaredy-cat of the first order in everything else!

It was a nice visit to Metairie Cemetery – the theme of past splendor in disrepair is certainly repeated throughout the city, but nowhere is it more evident than in the cemeteries. I love that.



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6 responses to “New Orleans: Metairie Cemetery

  1. Wow, excellent captures. Well done!

    • Thank you! Thanks for stopping by.

      • Sherry

        Thanks, Julie. We went to some of the cemeteries at the end of the Canal St. streetcar, today. We had received some unreliable information from someone in the area that it was in a completely different direction.. We were even at the Greenwood Cemetery! Hopefully we can check it out before we leave town..

  2. Can you tell me how large you think the weeping angel statue is? I’m planning a photoshoot there and size is greatly important to whether it’s going to work for my vision however I can’t find that info anywhere. Wondering if you could give me your best guesstimate….

    • Hi! The weeping angel is inside of a tomb, so you cannot get close to it. It’s behind a padlocked gate. I took the photo above sticking my lens through the gate. So, I’m not sure how good of a place for a photoshoot it will be for you … but the whole cemetery has amazing places to take photos and I would love love love to go back with models/people to put in that environment! The weeping angel is probably around 3-4 feet high, in my estimation, to answer your question.

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