New Orleans: Around Town

What were we doing in New Orleans when not hanging out with adorable babies, learning important photographic skills at Imaging USA, having drinks at the Carousel Bar or taking photos of signs? Well, we were just hanging out around town, for the most part (and visiting cemeteries and swamps and plantations, but that’s all still to come …).

We just hung around and stared at the river and went to St. Louis Cathedral …

Tyler let me take pictures of him everywhere we went:

And then he wanted to take a photo of me with my camera, and this is what always happens …

“Are you good with the settings?”

“Are you taking it yet?”

“I guess you’re taking it, so I’ll smile.”

“Okay, I’m done …”

But seriously, Tyler’s getting really good at working my camera. He’s also awesome at eating beignets (at Cafe Beignet, because Cafe Du Monde had a line longer than the amount of time we were willing to wait in it):

There was a lot of just walking around and enjoying winter in New Orleans (amazing compared to winter in Boston), the architecture, the doors and all the colors …

Then we got Sno-Balls! Not to be confused with Sno-Cones, these little guys are made with shaved ice instead of crushed ice, and you traditionally put condensed milk on top of whatever  you get. I ordered cake batter flavor with condensed milk and it was heavenly. I think Tyler got some awful-sounding combo that ended up being delicious – coconut with peanut butter and chocolate? Yuck, but YUM. Super YUM.

We also made sure to ride the streetcars, both through the fancy Garden District, and up to Metairie Cemetery (more on that later). Here’s Tyler in our lovely hotel before our streetcar ride, and on the car. Old-fashioned public transportation is the best (…if you don’t have to ride it every day. Example: Boston’s Green Line.).

We ate a lot, too. That’s a container of liquid butter at The Camellia Grill. YUM, heart attack! But really delicious. Can someone explain the chemistry of liquid butter to me?

AND, I took even more photos of signs (because one sign post isn’t enough):

I love traveling, camera at the ready. Work+Play on vacation really does work well!



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6 responses to “New Orleans: Around Town

  1. I was just out there (from NYC) for two days and took lots of pix. It’s hard not to! I wandered Magazine Street for two days and had a a great time. I went to the Camella Grill on an earlier visit, which I also enjoyed.

  2. Doug Williams

    Thank you for great photos, Julie and Tyler. You mentioned chemistry and food in the same sentence, which is good bait for comment. Liquid butter ≠ real butter. I think you knew. At least some of the fat is replaced with vegetable oil and probably some flavoring. Might be healthier if you need to avoid saturated fats, which I do not. (Is Tyler smiling now?)

  3. Between your other “sign” post and this one, you are seriously making me want to go to New Orleans again. Great post and photos.

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