Owain at 6 months old in New Orleans

One of the best parts of our week in New Orleans was meeting up with Tyler’s brother and our sister-in-law and our nephew, Owain! You’ve may have met Owain before (he’s a star on this blog), but at 6 months old, he’s at his cutest yet!

He now eats bananas and rice cereal (and loves it):

O was quite the trooper as we walked around town. He is curious and interested in everything!

I call this series “Hanging with Uncle Tyler”:

We took a few breaks during the day at our nearby hotel; it was perfect for a rest and a diaper change for Owain.

Hotel time is perfect for making faces with Uncle Tyler …

… and playing face games in the mirror with Dad …

If this isn’t love, I don’t know what is!

We’ve been so lucky – we’ve been able to see Owain every few months since his birth. Next up is a family trip in June when the little guy will be 11 months old. It’s too far away! Skype will have to suffice until then.

Love to O from Auntie J … XOXO, buddy!



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8 responses to “Owain at 6 months old in New Orleans

  1. love that last one! such a cutie 🙂

  2. Lovely photos Julie -I’m Gwennan’s auntie from Wales and we were lucky enough to meet the little chap last summer in Washington, but my how he has changed and what enormous eyes he has ! The family photo looks like a photo shoot for a magazine -amazing !!

  3. Grandma

    such a picture perfect baby. He is a doll!! and quite the ham!! Can’t wait to see him again.

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