New Orleans: The Magical Carousel Bar

I had the pleasure of visiting New Orleans last week for the Imaging USA 2012 conference, and whoa did I learn a lot there! With 3-4 daily sessions over three days (starting at 7AM – yikes!), a huge trade show, and fun parties, it was an experience. I was beyond thrilled to be able to stay a few more days and explore the city, too. I have a million photos to share, but one of my favorite places was definitely the Carousel Bar.

The history in New Orleans is incredibly rich, and the Carousel Bar fits right in. It is in the French Quarter, but is eons away from raucous Bourbon Street in style and atmosphere. I felt like I was transported to another time as soon as I stepped through the doors of the Hotel Monteleone and into this gem of a bar.

The bar really does rotate! It took a moment to get used to, but then we were happy to be there for the ride (it takes 15 minutes to make a full rotation, so it’s not like you’re being whipped around!). I had a lovely Pisco Sour crafted by the most knowledgeable and genial bartender I’ve ever met, Marvin. It was delicious! He also let us try a bit of the bar’s famous Sazerac, the official drink of New Orleans. Marvin’s version has more absinthe and cognac instead of whiskey, and it was incredible.

I was reading Erin Morgenstern’s fabulous book, The Night Circus, at the time (loved it) and stepping into the Carousel Bar fit with her circus theme so well. I just loved this place! I highly recommend it to anyone visiting New Orleans.

More NOLA fun to come …



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4 responses to “New Orleans: The Magical Carousel Bar

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  2. I love this bar! Very elegant and it is so ornate – forgot all the details until I saw your photos!

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