Home for the Holidays: This is the Life

When I’m home for the holidays, we do stuff like … have impromptu photoshoots all over the place! My sisters can’t help themselves:

We’re supposed to be taking a holiday photo, but most of our takes come out like this:

Bless Tyler, he is such a good sport and doesn’t even blink in the midst of our particular brand of madness. He just goes along with it all…

We take our little brother miniature golfing, and he loves it! Right?

Tyler eats Mexican food everywhere we go, even Cafe 50’s. Little brother learns about high-volume eating from Tyler:

We take pictures at the pier, at the pier’s carousel, and under the pier. Just because.


Tyler runs from our house to the pier to meet us (he’s very good at still getting exercise on vacation):

My mom is beautiful:

AND, if anyone wants a signed print of my sister looking AMAZING in her Disneyland cast member’s outfit right before she goes to work, please let me know in the comments. She’s willing to sign a limited number for your pure unadulterated enjoyment!

I love going home for the holidays (and other days, too!)!


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