Holidays at Home: A Three Sisters Calendar

Every year my two sisters and I give our mother a wall calendar made with pictures of the past year. Mom laughs and cries and loves every page of her gift and we love giving it to her! As we started our yearly email chain regarding this present, it quickly became obvious that we didn’t have enough photos of us together in 2011 to create 12 months (plus a front and back) of a calendar. Indeed, one of the great ironies of my being a professional photographer is that I take fewer and fewer photographs of my own family and life than I used to.

What were we to do? Mom needed her calendar, that much was clear. And then it dawned on us: we would recreate old photos and couple them with the originals! This has been done before, of course, most notably by Irina Werning’s Back to the Future project, which is absolutely fabulous, but we still thought we’d give it a try. We did not tell our mother that this was the plan; it was a total surprise!

And so, here are me, my sisters, my mom’s boyfriend, our cousins, and our best friends (who are also sisters), in some of our more iconic photos, then and now:

We also threw in some contemporary shots from the holidays, too, for the front, back, and a random extra page:

Needless to say, it was a hit! I got a wonderful call from my mother last night telling me the calendar had arrived. I can’t wait to go back home sometime soon and see it in person!

Creative projects with sisters are the best. Happy 2012!



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6 responses to “Holidays at Home: A Three Sisters Calendar

  1. SO AWESOME (and creative!!)

  2. Tara Lynn Sen

    LOVE this idea Julie!!!

  3. That’s so cool! You’re mom showed me your pictures before and they’re so amazing! I can’t even imagine how happy she was when she got this.

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  5. Isa

    So you and your sisters look exactly the same in the back view of your hands in each others pockets! That is so wild. You did a great job matching up old pics.

  6. alyse

    all I can say is…OH MY GOSH!!! amazing and awesome ❤

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