Holidays at Home: Three Sisters

I just enjoyed almost two full weeks at home in Los Angeles with my family and it was glorious! I took a lot of photos, of the fam, friends, and other fun activities, including these three gorgeous sisters:

Aren’t they scrumptious? Their mother used to babysit me when I was small, and I wish I lived close enough to babysit them! They stayed over for New Year’s at our house and it was so much fun.

Winter in Cali looks a bit different from the usual Boston fare, doesn’t it?

We played, we read, we told stories about when we were little, and we thoroughly enjoyed having these smart cookies stay with us. I hope we see you all again soon!

Happy new year, three sisters. Much love from me, the eldest of three sisters, myself!



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4 responses to “Holidays at Home: Three Sisters

  1. Tara Lynn Sen

    These pretty much make me melt- I can see what an awesome Mom you will be someday!

  2. Sally Ferguson

    I can hardly wait for another Great Grandchild……hint, hint, hint!! Agree totally with the above remark.

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