The Family V. – Holiday Portraits

The family holiday portrait fun just keeps going! And I love every minute of it. I was especially happy to meet up with one of my favorite women in the wedding industry in Boston, Nivia, owner of the fabulous Camilla’s Bridal in Arlington, and photograph her three adorable children.

I don’t know if Nivia and her husband did this on purpose (though I suspect so), but both they and all three children have a “V” in the middle of their names! I love a family connected by names (my sisters and I all have the same middle name, as does our dad, as did our grandpa). So, without further ado, I present, the siblings V!

Each kid had his or her own personal photoshoot with me outside in the wonderful November leaves (it’s been a long, gorgeous autumn!). First up was I., a perfect model:

Then came older brother X., who has the sweetest smile:

Then, last but not least, little S. got her turn. What a doll!

Is this family gorgeous or what? I especially loved the matching sister outfits!

We also went inside to get some photographs of the kids by their Christmas tree. No one decorates like Nivia! Her home is absolutely stunning, and so warm and comfortable for the holidays.

Merry Christmas, siblings V.! And all you brides out there, check out Camilla’s Bridal – it is the best!



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2 responses to “The Family V. – Holiday Portraits

  1. Maria Reis

    Beautiful pictures ! Awesome job Julie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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