Last January I met twins F. and C. (they were four months old at the time) and a few weeks ago, I got to see them again! Now just over a year old, F. and C. are totally different little girls than the babies I met last winter, though no less charming.

These twins are obviously fraternal and so different from each other, but they have that amazing twin closeness that is wonderful to see in action; they act and react in unison and share a secret language, climb around and laugh and play together …

We tried to put these adorable animal hats on the girls, but only C. tolerated her furry friend (F. hated hers and hid and cried!). Then we moved to crib playtime; the girls used to share one crib, but have since moved to two. They still like horsing around together in one, though:

It was a lovely day (incredibly warm for November), so we ventured outside for a family shot. Hello, holiday card!

I love repeat clients, especially when there are lovely kiddos involved – it is so much fun to see them grow! I hope to see you again soon, F. and C. and family!


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