Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

Early November still has a spooky holiday vibe to it, with Halloween just past and Day of the Dead and All Souls’ Day and whatnot. What better time to go visit one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the country? No better time, I say.

I’m currently working as a teaching assistant for the photography school I attended, and as a break for my class’s computer-intensive Photoshop II module, we set off for Mount Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge for a shooting assignment. As the TA, I get to come along, help out, and photograph to my heart’s content. And I LOVE cemeteries, especially old ones. Mount Auburn was founded in 1831 and landscaped to 19th-century perfection. I’ll let its beauty on a New England autumn day speak for itself:

Mount Auburn Cemetery is BIG – 174 acres big. There are hundreds of named paths and walkways, all nature-related, to wander. I could have explored all day and still had more to see.

There are many significant memorials, sculptures, and architectural gems in the cemetery; I captured just a few of them.

Here’s a sphinx Civil War Memorial and the gorgeously gothic Bigelow Chapel:

And here’s the Mary Baker Eddy memorial:

The Visitors’ Center lives in the lovely red-stone Story Chapel:

The Washington Tower looms over the entire place and offers great views of the Boston skyline in the distance:

The fall foliage was truly incredible; the leaves reflecting in the various ponds around the grounds looked like watercolor paintings. Amazing.

Artistic stonework is everywhere, in delicious states of disrepair:

Who wants to come back with me in awesome outfits to stage a full-on photoshoot here?

Happy November!



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2 responses to “Mount Auburn Cemetery, Cambridge

  1. Wow, Julie! Beautiful pics! I’ve never been to this cemetery either, wow! We’ll definitely have to make it a point to go in the spring or next fall. It’s gorgeous! Really amazing photos!

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