Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, dear friends! Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love dressing up, but this year was especially hectic, so I am sans costume (and very sad about it). Instead, I decided to make some Halloween-themed edible treats to celebrate!

Here are some very yummy tarantula cookies and cobweb cupcakes. Many thanks to my friend Michelle, whose cupcake decorating skills are much, much sharper than mine.

The kitchen is a mess, but our stomachs are very happy.

What were you for Halloween?

I promise now, in front of my internet audience, that I will not let another un-costumed year go by. Next year I’ll be dressed up in full force (like usual!). Boo!



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5 responses to “Happy Halloween!

  1. Lynn

    Cute!!! I miss the fun gatherings that were always at your apartment/condo! Love and miss you dear!!!

  2. I can’t believe how talented you are in the KITCHEN, too, Julie!!! I’m so soooo impressed with your baking skills! How in the world did you manage those spider treats? You’re amazing! This was so fun to look through! I’d say definitely worth foregoing a costume for one year. WOW!!!

    • Thanks Tricia! The spiders are little chocolate cookie balls with pretzel stick legs, then dipped in melted chocolate, then rolled in sprinkles, with little candy eyes. I only burned my fingers a little bit on the chocolate stage of things … I love baking!

  3. LOVE the spider treats. I ended up going as rainbow brite 🙂

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