Baby KK at Five Months Old

I love babies. Is there anything else to say? Of course there is! I photographed KK at just one month old last summer, and it was a joy to see her and her wonderful parents again for a holiday card family session. Ready for the cuteness? GO!

I knew this little girl was special when I first met her; she was so alert and intensely interested in her surroundings at just four weeks. At five months, she is even more social and so, so happy. KK’s one little crying jag was fifteen seconds long, and the saddest little wail I’ve ever heard, but then it was done, and she was all smiles again. What a pleasure!

Mom and Dad are such doting, easy-going, amazing parents, the photos were practically taking themselves.

It was an overcast fall day, perfect skies for a photoshoot. It got a bit chilly for little KK outside, but we had blankets on hand and wrapped her up between shots (and for some shots, too!). Eventually, we did head back inside when it got a bit too cold for us all (oh, New England, you can be tough!).

I can seriously only hope that when I have kids, they have KK’s sweet disposition. She is such a love!

Won’t these make a fabulous family holiday card? Thank you, KK and family, for letting me share the day with you again. It’s so much fun to see KK grow!

There’s still time to book your family session before the holidays, so contact me for more details! I’d love to meet your family and photograph you before 2011 runs away from us ….


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