Adventures in an Abandoned Asylum

Earlier this week I went on a photo adventure with my photog friends Erica and Felix and IT WAS AWESOME. Erica had heard of an abandoned state hospital/asylum complex that was supposed to have a deliciously derelict interior, so with only a few vague directions, we set off in search of it. And found it.

We were all ready to sneak in, if necessary, but the front door was wide open …

We entered a messy world of peeling-paint, trash, buckled floorboards, and complete abandonment. It literally looked like people had just up and left: papers were still on the desks, calendars on the walls. It was creepy and beautiful all at once. We roamed around, coming across more wonders around each corner, up each stairwell.

My fellow photographers make wonderful models, too, don’t you think? We took turns photographing each other all over the building – I’ll show you some of the images my friends took of me sometime soon!

Down one stairwell, we found the perfectly preserved skeleton of a bird. So amazing. So gross. So cool.

We were so lucky to find this crazy location. It was so refreshing to do a personal project with my friends and their creative minds. I cannot wait to do more projects like this one! There is so much in the world to explore and photograph …

Here’s to more adventures!



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3 responses to “Adventures in an Abandoned Asylum

  1. love love love!!! can’t wait to go on our next adventure 🙂

  2. Beth

    I’m a friend of Erica’s (she’s worked with my husband). I absolutely love your shots of this location and of her. Great work!!

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